Winning An Award & Getting a Puppy?!

Hi guys,

I thought it was time for another little life update. I have to say that so far, 2016 has been one of my most successful and fun years to date! It really has started with a bang what with securing my internship and finally heading over to the states! I wanted to write this post to let you know what’s gone on over the last couple of weeks and why I may still be a bit AWOL!

First things first, I entered a competition back in October last year for the Undergraduate of The Year Award in the category Future CFO. I did it on a bit of a whim as a representative from the company who sponsored the award ACCA (A big accounting body) suggested I would be a good candidate. I had to go through quite a few rounds, the first being online psychometric tests; the second was submitting a video regarding my stance on whether the UK should stay in the EU and the third was a debate in London regarding the same topic. I was surprised to pass all these stages and was invited alongside 9 others to attend the final at Canary Wharf in London last Friday. I can’t believe I am typing this but they actually picked me as the winner! My prize is a trip to Belgium in the Summer and I am so so excited! I also got a nice trophy which is something new for me as I have literally never won anything else before!


The second big thing is that Tom and I have got a puppy! His name is JJ and he is an 8 week old Jack Russell cross Pug, or Jug for short! He is absolutely adorable and we are both so so happy we have him in our lives. He spends a lot of time sleeping, apart from at night, and loves cuddles. As I write this he is asleep on my feet on the sofa! Naturally he is taking up a lot of my attention at the moment so until he is more settled, posts may be a bit sparse! I’ll insert a picture below.



Finally, it’s that time again, exam season. Ugh! My exams are from the 21st May to the 1st June so it will be head down and power on through for the next few weeks. I am so looking forward to summer where I can try and get some sort of schedule back up on this blog again but for now I will be posting as often as I can fit in!

I hope you are all okay and this post explains my absence a bit more!

Much Love




My MAC Palette!

It happened guys. I finally have made my own MAC palette!! I had planned to do this when I went to New York so it was exciting to go into the shop and just go a little bit mad! Don’t forget to see what else I bought in yesterdays haul post! As a little note before I go into the colours, I didn’t purchase the actual MAC palette and insert as, in my opinion they are ridiculously overpriced! So after a little bit of searching I found a palette on Amazon that was a lot cheaper but fit MAC eyeshadows. This is the one I bought and it was only £2.18 delivered and is from a company called FACILLA. This one isn’t magnetic so I just removed the little silver pans (this was easy as they are loose so you just tip the palette upside down!) and added a tiny amount of double sided sticky tape to each space to secure the pans down but not so much that I couldn’t remove them if I want to. They do do a magnetic one for like £2 more on Amazon, which in theory would have been a lot easier but it’s done now so hey!

From Left to Right from the top: Shroom, Naked Lunch, All That Glitters, Wedge, Cork, Amber Lights, Woodwinked, Mulch, Sable, Antiqued, Cranberry, Sumptuous Olive, Satin Taupe, Club, Carbon.

So, onto the fun stuff, the colours! If you read my MAC wishlist post then a lot of these are the same but there are a few changes and I will also be doing swatches! So starting from the top left we have:

  • Shroom (Satin) – I went in looking to buy Nylon but I found it too frosty and harsh for my skin tone. The lovely lady helped me pick out this instead and I love it! It is still brightening and shimmery enough without it looking too fake and over the top for me. It is very pigmented too which means a little goes a long way!
  • Naked Lunch (Frost) – A really pretty light shimmery shade that would also look nice in the inner corner too for something a little softer than shroom. It comes up a little lighter on me than I would have liked but it is lovely all the same. I would say this is probably the least pigmented of all the shades I picked to be honest. I can see this just ending up being a brow bone highlight as it is more subtle.
  • All That Glitters (Veluxe Pearl) – This is like the amped up version of Naked Lunch for me and I can see why it is such a firm favourite with bloggers world wide. I think veluxe pearl is one of my favourite finishes as they just apply so smoothly and this is no different.
  • Wedge (Matte) – This is a great, cooler tone crease colour that create a really natural shadow. It creates a really soft look and blends out beautifully.
  • Cork (Satin) – Cork is slightly warmer than wedge which is what I wanted, but works just the same. These are staples in the palette for me although I would say that this satin formula is a lot less pigmented as you will see in the swatch pictures!
  • Amber Lights (Frost) – This is a really orange-toned coppery gold that is like the brighter version of Woodwinked! It is not as pigmented as I had first hoped it would be, but I feel that this makes it more wearable actually so it has turned out to be a good thing!
  • Woodwinked (Veluxe Pearl) – This is the only MAC eyeshadow I have had before and I love it! I only have like a quarter of the original pan left and I found it impossible to depot so my Mum has inherited it! This applies beautifully and if you are regular readers of this blog, you’ll know I bang on about it all the time! Here is a Face of The Day I did with it a while ago.
  • Mulch (Velvet) – This is a good staple warm chocolate shade that I feel every palette needs! It blends out like a dream and is the perfect in between shade to be dark enough to smoke out lighter colours but light enough to be worn on its own!
  • Sable (Frost) – This is such a lovely wearable warm-toned shade. It is a browny shade with hints of pink in it which makes it a great choice to pop all over the lid for an every day look or you could smoke it out for night time.
  • Antiqued (Veluxe Pearl) – This is my favourite finish and this lovely warm toned colour complements my blue eyes beautifully! I wasn’t actually going to get this one but Lauren said it was her most used so far so I thought I’d take a gamble and boy did it pay off!
  • Cranberry (Frost) – So far I have not been brave enough to try it out on its own but I definitely will do! I love using this to add a little bit of warmth to the crease and give it that pop of colour. This really is such a unique colour but if you have the Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette, it is very similar to the shade warm notes except this is a little more pink I think!
  • Sumptuous Olive (Veluxe Pearl) – I am so in love with this shade! It is more of a golden green which makes it really wearable without looking too garish! I tried this out on my friend Emily with Club in the outer V and crease and a touch of Carbon and it looks incredible!! I will have to do a tutorial on it at some point in the near future!
  • Satin Taupe (Frost) – This looks beautiful with naked lunch or all that glitters. It is a nice cooler toned day time alternative but I bet you could create a really cool smoky eye with this and carbon. That has given me an idea for a look so watch this space…
  • Club (Satin) – Where to begin. This is so beautiful it’s unreal. It is an unusual shade with almost green shimmer in it but it also has an underlying warmth that stops it from looking tacky. Buffed out with a little bit of cork this is a great and easy look!
  • Carbon (Matte) – I did not realise how much I could love a matte black shadow! I have used it nearly everytime I have picked up the palette either as eyeliner or to add depth to the crease and it is just amazing. It blends out beautifully without looking chalky or powdery although the swatch really does not do this justice and it comes across a lot more pigmented in real life!



So there is my full MAC palette! I feel like this has pretty much all the shades I would need to create the kind of looks I like. I’m a little bit annoyed by two shades: Naked Lunch and Cork as they aren’t very pigmented and are very similar to All That Glitters and Wedge. I let the woman talk me out of buying Swiss Chocolate as she said it would be too dark but to be honest I think I would have liked it! Despite this I am so happy with my palette and I will get a lot of use out of all the shades. At the moment I am still in that ‘what do I wear today?!’ stage but I am slowly finding some long lasting favourites in this shade range! What are your favourite colours in the palette? Do you have any of these yourself? What shades would you put in your palette?

Much Love


Massive American & Canadian Haul!

I’m Back!! Long time no see hey? If you follow me on twitter or are a regular reader here, you will know that I jetted off to the states for a belated 21st birthday celebration with my friend Emily. We had an amazing time and I cannot believe that it is already over! So I may have gone a bit spend happy over there, but I had saved for ages and also, I have no idea when i’ll be back! Maybe it’ll be another 21 years (I hope not) so I thought I’d just enjoy myself! Most of the stuff I bought was makeup but I also bought some other bits and pieces so I thought i’d include it all together (I hope i’ve remembered everything!). I’ve tried to add links to everything if possible so if you see something you like you can find it!

Makeup (MAC)DSCF9595_Fotor

  • 15 MAC Eyeshadow Pans  – I’ve finally got my own MAC palette! A whole post is coming on this soon so I’m not going into any details! I am completely in love though!
  • MAC New York Apple Lipstick – A plummy-red with hints of shimmer that is definitely not my usual colour but looks lovely on. It is a frost finish which is not a finish i’ve tried before and I am pleasantly surprised! I plan to do a post on this to show swatches and a makeup look with it on.
  • MAC Fix + Travel Size – Everyone and their mother goes on about this product so I thought it was time to give it a try. I have only used it a few times so far so I can’t really say what I think yet but it feels lovely and refreshing on the skin!
  • MAC Strobe Cream Travel Size – A moisturising cream that works as a subtle highlight? Yes please! I love the consistency of this but again I haven’t tried it enough to pass judgement so watch this space!
  • MAC Whirl Lipliner – A blogger and Youtuber staple made famous by Kylie Jenner, how could I not pick this up?! I have the lipstick and really wanted this to match and I’m so happy I did. If i were to have to decide, I would say this is lighter than the lipstick but only by a little but it goes on like a dream!
  • MAC Nightmoth Lipliner – As dark as MAC lipliners go, this is so vampy and so not spring appropriate but I love it! I tried it out on holiday on it’s own with New York Apple in the centre of my lips and it was gorgeous! However, this has mainly been bought to wear with my Viva Glam Arianna Grande!

Makeup (Sephora)DSCF9594_Fotor

  • Two Faced Melted Chocolate Lipstick in Chocolate Honey – I so wish I had bought more of these! They are a gorgeous liquid lipstick in a tube that has a lovely sponge applicator to make them easy to apply. This colour is a really nice brown-nude, a bit like Velvet Teddy I think, and it smells of chocolate!! What more could you want?
  • Two Faced Better Than Sex Mascara Mini – I have never tried this mascara before but so many people have recommended it to me. I always like mascara minis as I get bored so quickly so I grabbed the smaller size rather than the full-size. I am so so impressed with this mascara! It makes my eyelashes look amazing – so long and full!
  • Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water Travel Size – If you watch Rachel Leary’s videos, then you’ll know she uses this loads in her videos and I had to give it a try. I find it such an interesting concept and I love spray face products so I picked this up. I love how quickly it dries on the skin and seems to leave a lovely surface for makeup to be applied to.
  • Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light Travel Size – Oh My God. I love this so much. I literally could have bought all of them in full size and don’t even get me started on their new strobing powders! However, I decided to try this one out first to see how it lasted on my skin. The miniature is so cute and I feel it will still last me a long time! The powder is so so soft and gives a subtle glow to the skin that I love. I can definitely see myself picking up the set of these in the future!
  • Sephora Collection: Bright Future Gel Serum Concealer in 05 Parfait – I fancied giving something from the Sephora beauty range a go and settled upon this. To be honest, I think I could have gone a shade lighter but I can still work with it! It applies with a doe foot applicator, which I like, and so far so good on the product itself! It’s creamy and doesn’t look cakey or too heavy.
  • Urban Decay Perversion Mascara Mini  – This is a repurchase for me, I love this mascara and needed to spend a couple more pounds to get my 100 point perk so I settled on this as I know I love it.

FREEBIES From SephoraDSCF9593_Fotor

  • Marc Jacobs Birthday Gift including Le Marc Lip Creme Lipstick in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner in Black – The lovely man who served me told me I could get my birthday gift now as I won’t be in the country in October! I was so happy when I realised that this was one of the options as I have been desperate to try the Marc Jacobs Beauty range! I have to say I LOVE both the products! The lipstick is so pigmented in just one swipe and is a lovely rose-pink shade. The formula is just so creamy and smooth! The eyeliner is one of the most long lasting I have ever tried! It is also so smooth to apply and is a proper black shade rather than that off grey colour you often end up with. I am so happy to be able to try these and I can see myself getting more in the future!
  • Dolce & Gabbana Dolce Rosa Excelsa Fragrance Sample – I usually hate fragrances that I get samples of but this smells really nice! In my opinion it doesn’t smell of roses, or too floral in general actually but its nice and fresh!
  • Tarte Tarteist Lash Paint Mascara Sample – This was my 100 point perk but I haven’t tried it out yet as I have a few mascaras already open. I did have a look at the brush though and it looks like it has potential!
  • First Aid Beauty Samples of Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser with Red Clay & Skin Rescue Oil-Free Mattifying Gel Moisturiser – I’ve never tried First Aid Beauty and I have to say, I was kind of hoping these would be their exfoliating pads but hey ho, still a great chance to try out some of their products!

Other MakeupDSCF9592_Fotor

  • NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk – A Youtuber staple that i’ve wanted to try for ages now! I’ve tried using this on my eyelids before my MAC eyeshadows and it just intensifies the colour so much! It is so creamy and pigmented for a cheaper brand and I actually want a couple of the other colours, particularly yogurt!
  • NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Amsterdam  – I’ve always wanted to try one of these and would have gone with one of the nuder shades if I hadn’t bought the Two Faced Liquid Lipstick. I was debating between Amsterdam and Copenhagen but the fact that we’re going into spring lead me to pick the brighter red-pink shade! I am so impressed with the formula and I feel like a few more of these may sneak their way into my makeup bag in the near future!


  • Kate Spade New York Sailors Knot Stud Earrings in Rose Gold – I walked into the store on Madison Avenue looking to just browse and then I came across these! I love Rose Gold and these knot earrings just were the perfect sized studs for me. They will go really nicely with my Swarovski jewellery set when I want to wear studs instead!

Clothes & ShoesDSCF9601_FotorDSCF9602_Fotor

  • American Eagle Soft & Sexy Lace Up T-Shirt in Grey Marl – I’ve seen these in Topshop  but I feel like they were cropped and I wanted a longer top. This one fits so beautifully and is really soft too! I am going to get so much wear out of this!
  • American Eagle Double Buckle Sandals in both Taupe & Burgundy – I’ve never been able to warrant spending so much money on Birkenstocks despite always wanting a pair so when I saw American Eagles suede version, I had to get them! I was only going to get the taupe pair but they were on buy one get one 50% off so I couldn’t say no! The suede pair has rose gold buckles and the burgundy pair has nickel ones.


  • Bath & Bodyworks PocketBac Hand Sanitizers in Champagne Sparkle, Cherry Champagne Toast & Island Margarita – I wanted to see what all the fuss was about with these and to see if they were nicer than my favourite Body Shop ones! The Champagne Sparkle one also has glitter in!!!
  • Sephora Collection: Solid Brush Cleaner – I’ve wanted to try a solid brush cleanser for a while and this one looked perfect to use whilst I was away too. I love the fact that it only has a slight fragrance to it and it also comes with a silicone disk that helps you get all the makeup out of your brushes! I tried this out whilst I was away and I loved it! It was so effective and left my brushes so clean and soft!

I am officially on a no-buy for the foreseeable future now but I am so happy with everything I managed to get while I was away! Have you tried any of these out? If so let me know what you think!

Much Love