Winning An Award & Getting a Puppy?!

Hi guys,

I thought it was time for another little life update. I have to say that so far, 2016 has been one of my most successful and fun years to date! It really has started with a bang what with securing my internship and finally heading over to the states! I wanted to write this post to let you know what’s gone on over the last couple of weeks and why I may still be a bit AWOL!

First things first, I entered a competition back in October last year for the Undergraduate of The Year Award in the category Future CFO. I did it on a bit of a whim as a representative from the company who sponsored the award ACCA (A big accounting body) suggested I would be a good candidate. I had to go through quite a few rounds, the first being online psychometric tests; the second was submitting a video regarding my stance on whether the UK should stay in the EU and the third was a debate in London regarding the same topic. I was surprised to pass all these stages and was invited alongside 9 others to attend the final at Canary Wharf in London last Friday. I can’t believe I am typing this but they actually picked me as the winner! My prize is a trip to Belgium in the Summer and I am so so excited! I also got a nice trophy which is something new for me as I have literally never won anything else before!


The second big thing is that Tom and I have got a puppy! His name is JJ and he is an 8 week old Jack Russell cross Pug, or Jug for short! He is absolutely adorable and we are both so so happy we have him in our lives. He spends a lot of time sleeping, apart from at night, and loves cuddles. As I write this he is asleep on my feet on the sofa! Naturally he is taking up a lot of my attention at the moment so until he is more settled, posts may be a bit sparse! I’ll insert a picture below.



Finally, it’s that time again, exam season. Ugh! My exams are from the 21st May to the 1st June so it will be head down and power on through for the next few weeks. I am so looking forward to summer where I can try and get some sort of schedule back up on this blog again but for now I will be posting as often as I can fit in!

I hope you are all okay and this post explains my absence a bit more!

Much Love



19 thoughts on “Winning An Award & Getting a Puppy?!

      1. How cute! We had two names planned, JJ or Stanley and when we got there, he was just too cheeky to be a Stanley and needed something more playful. I do like the old fashioned boys names for dogs tho so JJ is quite an unusual choice. If you’d asked me before i’d have always said something like Frank, Wilf, Humphrey etc lol

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