FOTD: 5 Minute Sunday Face!

Happy Sunday everyone and for those of you in the UK enjoy the extra long weekend tomorrow too! I decided to do an updated 5 minute face today as I haven’t done a face of the day post on here for a while but I definitely plan to do more in the upcoming weeks. I posted a picture on my Instagram today of the products I used and decided to expanded it into a more elaborate post in case anyone was interested. By the way, I have FINALLY got round to creating an Instagram account for this blog so please please please go and follow me! The username is @RoseBeautyFiles which is the same as my Twitter if you are interested but I definitely prefer using Instagram! Anyway, sidetracking aside, here are the products I used today:

Base: I wanted something light and dewy yet still provided some coverage. I had a sample of the Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation in 2 Fair and I thought I would use that today. As I don’t have this in full size, I would use the Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation in 100 Ivory normally! The light wonder actually had more pigmentation than I remembered and lasted really well throughout the day. For concealer I used my trusty Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer in 010 Ivory. If you are a regular reader, you will have heard me babble on about this many times before. As it’s coming into summer, I have started wanting to control the shine on my face throughout the day. This lead to a rather cheeky little purchase of Mac Studio Fix Powder Foundation in NC15 which I had heard many good things about. I swept this all over the face and I can honestly say that every time I have used this since I bought it, my foundation has lasted a hell of a lot better throughout the day and extra summer shine has well and truly been kept at bay!

Brows: Again an old favourite, Benefit Brow Zings a good staple in my makeup bag which is brought out over and over again!

Face: For blush I wanted a nice subtle flush and nothing too shimmery so I opted for Mac Crisp Whites which is quickly becoming one of my favourites! It is a satin finish so isn’t completely matte but doesn’t have much, if any, shimmer to it. It gives a lovely peach flush which I am loving at the moment! Obviously I chose Mac Soft & Gentle Mineralised Skin Finish for my highlight. This is my favourite of all time and just added a little bit of of shimmer to the look.

Eyes: I used Soft and Gentle on the eyes too for just a subtle wash of neutral shimmer. I often do this if I’m in a rush or if I can’t take many products with me. For eyeliner I used Smashbox Always Sharp 3D liner in Billionaire which is a lovely Khaki shade with gold pearl reflects in it. I have always loved this eyeliner as it glides on so smoothly and I love khaki tones on my complexion. For mascara, I used Too Faced Better Than Sex which I picked up in New York. This has quite a clumpy effect but in a good way and is quick to apply yet still lets you achieve a good amount of lash impact.

Lips: For liner I picked No7 Lipliner in Nude as it is so soft and easy to apply and basically suits every nude toned lip shade I have in my collection. For lips I picked Mac Brave as its my go-to for days when I don’t know what to wear. This comes up very pink on me which I love but the nude liner gave it a slightly different look today which I liked! To top this off I used a touch of Clarins’ Natural Lip Perfector in shade 07 to pop in the centre of my lips to make them appear fuller.

I was really pleased with how this look turned out and I will probably end up wearing the same for the next couple of days as I’m a bit busy with the end of my exams looming! We’re finally coming to the end of exam season guys – I finish on Wednesday morning and then I am free again! I hope you are all well!

Much Love




Worth The Hype? – Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes Mascara

So the other day, I bit the bullet and bought the new Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes Mascara. Now pretty much everything I have ever tried from her brand has been amazing so I did have really high hopes for this. I have heard it compared to the Two Faced Better Than Sex mascara, which is one I love, so I felt like it was worth the splurge!

Now, lets get straight to the point, this is an EXPENSIVE mascara! It retails for £25 which in my eyes is about the most I would pay for a mascara. For the brand, this isn’t a ridiculous price but in the grand scheme of things, it is not cheap!

Firstly, the packaging. Oh my goodness it is just so dreamy! It comes in the usual Charlotte Tilbury burgundy box with rose gold lettering which is just the most beautiful colour combination! The actual tube itself is even more beautiful! It is a completely rose golden tube which looks so luxurious and special. There’s many things that Charlotte has gotten spot on with this brand, but packaging is definitely up there at the top as everything looks like such a treat!

The mascara wand itself is a bristle wand rather than a plastic wand which is definitely my preference. I find plastic wands to be too scratchy and they also don’t catch all my lashes so I have to go over them more. This wand literally catches every lash first time. I honestly wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t tried it but one coat gives beautiful day time lashes! This is definitely a buildable mascara which is something I like as I don’t want the same type of lashes all the time. The product itself isn’t clumpy which is perfect, but does fully coat the lashes making them look longer, fuller and a really deep black colour.

I asked Tom what he thought of the mascara on my eyes and he was really impressed. He said he liked how it made them look longer and more separated without looking clumpy which to be honest, would be my summed up review of this too. It is a very wet mascara formula though so you may need to be a bit more careful than usual incase you get it all over your lid. This only happened to me once and it was very easy to remove. I only picked this up yesterday so I am completely going off my first impressions, but I absolutely loved this mascara. It lasted well throughout the day, made my lashes look natural yet still gave them a bit of impact and the packaging was a dream. If I could change one thing it would be the price but I don’t think that’s going to happen any time soon so I just need to suck it up! Literally, Charlotte, take my money!

Have you tried this mascara yet? If so what do you think?

Much Love



Worth The Hype? – Sleek Solstice Highlighter Palette

So it’s getting to that stage in the revision cycle where I feel like I need a beauty related treat. However, I’m off to Italy next month so I can’t really spend very much money at all and I have even gone as far as to put myself on a bit of a spending ban. Therefore, I needed to get cunning and think of a way around my own restrictions.

In the end I realised I had enough Boots points to pick up the much-raved-about Sleek Solstice Highlighter palette. Now highlighter is something I have only got properly into in the last 6-8 months or so but now I am 100% addicted. There is not a day goes by now where I let my highlighter not be ‘on fleek’. I’ve seen a few YouTubers mention this palette on their channels, in particular Rachel Leary who is one of my absolute favourites! Her recommendations are usually amazing so I gave in and settled on this being my little treat.

Lets first talk about the packaging. The packaging is a really sleek (pardon the pun) golden casing that has a huge mirror in the lid. I love this packaging as it looks really pretty but is also small enough to fit in my makeup bag which is a bonus. I wish they hadn’t bothered including a brush and had simply filled the space with extra product as no-one ever uses those crappy little brushes.

The product itself consists of four different highlighters – 1 cream, 2 baked and 1 powder. The also come in a good range of colours from a very yellow based one to pinks, warm golden tones and also a rather interesting rose golden shade. The consistency and pigmentation of each of these is amazing, I was really impressed. However, compared to higher end highlighters, like my MAC Soft & Gentle or my Smashbox highlight, these aren’t as finely milled and are a little bit ‘powdery’. The cream however, is incredible! This was my favourite when I first swatched it and it blends like a dream. I have only ever tried a couple of cream highlighters (including Benefit’s Watts Up!) and I didn’t really like either of them as I felt like they moved my foundation underneath. This one doesn’t seem to do that and blends in really well using just your fingers. I then like to layer a powder on top to set it completely in place.

I feel like Sleek have priced this product very reasonably as it is only £10 which for 4 highlighters is amazing! Thats only  £2.50 per highlighter which would be nearly impossible to match from most other brands. They actually do a couple of other highlighter palettes if the colours in this one aren’t taking your fancy. The ‘Midas Touch Palette’ is a bit more out-there with very cool toned shades including a blue and an almost green shade. These were a bit weird colours for my liking as I prefer a natural glow. The other option is the Precious Metals Palette but this had more cream highlighters in which I wasn’t sure I would like. The colours in that one are beautiful too! All three palettes are the same price so you can pick the colours that suit you the best knowing that the quality is great value for money!

Have you tried this palette or either of the other two mentioned? Have you tried Sleek makeup before? Would this be a product you would treat yourself to?

Much Love


MAC Brights – Morange and Girl About Town!

I was looking at my MAC lipstick collection a week or so ago, and I realised that I was lacking a few brighter shades. Now I love a bold lip, to be honest, I don’t really like anything but! However, there wasn’t that many bright summery shades in there so naturally, I had to rectify this ASAP! Now a huge thank you to Mummy Rose Beauty Files, for buying me these two beauties – these were her little treat for me winning my award. As a side note, I did a MAC lipstick collection a couple of months ago and despite saying that it wouldn’t get any bigger for a while, it has. However, i’ll leave the link to the post here in case you want to have a little look. I will have to do an updated one towards the end of the year!

Lets start with Morange. This is a shade I have heard so much about over the years and I’ve always wanted to try. It is just so beautiful and I always find orange shades suit my skin tone well. This is an amplified formula which means it is heavily pigmented without being drying or cakey. I find it very easy to apply and very comfortable on the lips. The shade is about as true orange as you can get. The only other shade I have similar in my collection is So Chaud but I feel that they are still very different. I have included a swatch of each side-by-side below so you can see the comparison. So Chaud is definitely darker and more muted whereas Morange is very bright and vibrant. Surprisingly, I don’t feel like I need a lipliner with this at all and it is just perfect for summer with a gold tones on the eye and lots of bronzer! Having said all that, it still looks amazing with my pale skin now (if I do say so myself!) so it is a good all rounder. I feel like this would look beautiful with really dark skin tones too as the orange will be a real pop!

The other bright addition was Girl About Town. Now this is a very vibrant pink shade that I feel has some blue undertones to it. I am not a pink lipstick wearer really, however, this has really converted me! I love this shade so much! It is also an amplified which means it has a slight sheen to it which I love as I wear a lot of matte shades so this is a nice change. The one thing I noticed about this, is that it fades really evenly! After having this on for the entire day, I was left with a lovely stain to my lips which made it quite an effortless shade to wear for the whole day. This was my mums favourite of the two and I would love to see what this looks like on her as I feel like this is a bright that would suit ladies of all ages and again all skin tones. Whereas Morange may be a bit too ‘out there’ for some people, I feel like almost everyone would love this shade either for a night out or with a pair of sunglasses and dewy skin in the summer months.

Girl About Town Swatched in Natural Daylight

I am so so glad I added these two to my collection. They really are different to anything else I have and the amplified formula is one I have loved for ages. Have any of you tried either of these lipsticks? What are your go-to bright shades for the summer? Let me know as there is always room for more. *slaps wrist*

Much Love


The Artis Brush Dupe You Need To Try!

If you have watched any Youtube videos or read any beauty blogs over that last few months, you will surely have head of the infamous Artis brushes or even the “cheaper” MAC versions. Now Artis face brushes are around the £50 mark which I just cannot justify and even the MAC ones are £35 ish. For me, these are way out of my price range so I hit the internet to find a cheaper alternative.

I managed to find one on Amazon for the pricey sum of £1.79 including postage. Now this is more my price range right now! The company is called Tonsee and has a few different sized brushes. It is smaller than some of the big Artis brushes but I thought this would be a good size to try out first as I could use it for both foundation and concealer.

So what did I think? Well at first, the whole concept of using a toothbrush style brush really threw me. But after getting used to the “spreading” technique needed, I was pleasantly surprised! It did apply makeup very smoothly and my favourite bit about it was how well it blended product down my neck! It made that really effortless. It was a little more difficult in all the harder to reach places of my face, like my nose and the inner sections of my under eye, but overall it performed really well.

The brush uses synthetic hair that is really soft and they have been cut into quite a nice shape to say that this was so cheap to buy. I’ve also been impressed as none of the hairs have shed onto my face, something which has annoyed me in the past about cheap brushes. The handle is quite sturdy but is quite cheap looking, but then you do get what you pay for there.

Overall I was quite impressed with this brush. If, like me, you are wanting to try out the latest trend without forking out all that money, then definitely give this one a try. For the money you can’t go wrong! Let me know what you think!

Much Love


MAC New York Apple Lipstick Review

So if you read my rather large New York Haul, you will know that whilst I was there I picked up a MAC lipstick in the shade New York Apple. I’m not gonna lie, I basically bought it for the sentimental value of buying a lipstick with New York in the title whilst in New York! However, since owning it, I feel like its a shade that definitely doesn’t get enough love and I wanted to share with you guys why you should add it to your collection!

IMG_0801_FotorFirstly, this is a Frost finish lipstick which I would normally avoid like the plague! I always associate frosty lipsticks with elderly women and it always puts me off. However, this has a really lovely finish. The frost element almost makes it look like it has more of a sheen rather than being all out glittery. I would liken it to a cream sheen finish but with a bit more pigment which I find perfect. So if you want to dip your toe into the world of MAC frosts, this may be the one for you to try first!

Now onto the colour. This is such a lovely berry toned red shade which I feel would look lovely on all skin tones. From pales skin ladies like me, where it will be more of a pop of colour, to darker skinned ladies where it will be more of a light flush, this will look gorgeous on everyone. It is a very universal shade. MAC describe it as a ‘muted red with pink shimmer’ and I guess thats quite apt. Their swatch on the website is more berry toned so if you mix those two descriptions in your mind, you’ve probably got the shade dead on. IMG_0802_Fotor


For today’s look,  I went quite simple as i’m revising but I also wanted the lipstick to do most of the talking today. I just paired this with quite a neutral eye and a bit of eyeliner and plenty of mascara and I was good to go. In terms of wearability, I would compare it to my lipstick in Brick-o-la as it is more of a muted colour so isn’t too in your face but packs enough of a punch for neutral haters like me! I even like my neutrals to be a bit wow so this ticks all the boxes for me. Let me know what you think, is this something you would pick up or do you already have it?

Much Love



April 2016 Empties!

Hey Guys!

Its empties time again and I can’t believe another month is done! April has been amazing for me so I am quite sad to see it end! If you’re not sure what I’m on about check out my update post! I’ve managed to finish up a good amount of products again and worked my way through a lot of miniatures to clear up some space which is proving to be good too! Here’s the roundup for this month:


  • Soap & Glory Scrub Your Nose In It – Both my brother and I have been using this and it is really good for when your skin is super congested. After 11 days on holiday without exfoliating, my skin really needed this and the lovely menthol scent feels quite luxurious when you are using it. It is very gritty though so may not be good for dry or sensitive skin as it can dry your skin out a little. I would probably purchase this again in the future.
  • BLEACH Silver Shampoo – I always used the Touch of Silver range but decided to give this one a try instead. It was nice but I don’t think it did the job as well as the other so I think I will go back to that one again. This is more money as well so saving a couple of pounds is never a bad thing.
  • 4Head Stick – This is an absolute handbag staple for me. It really does help when you have a headache and is good for keeping it at bay until you can get some painkillers down you or just giving some extra relief. I already have another one in my bag!
  • L’Occitane Almond Soap – This is actually an exfoliating soap which came as a surprise to me but it’s great to use on your legs and anywhere that you need to get rid of a little dry skin. The scent is my favourite from L’Occitane so that was an easy love for me! I don’t think I would go out an purchase it, but if it came in a gift set again like this one I wouldn’t complain!
  • Nivea Pearl Beauty Deodorant – I picked this up to take to New York and it did the job fine. I do prefer my Dove one though so I won’t be picking this up again unless i’m going away as its smaller.
  • Molton Brown Coco & Sandalwood Shower Gel (Not Pictured) – I always have high hopes with Molton Brown and always end up disappointed and this was no different. The scent was too floral for me and doesn’t match up to my Body Shop ones despite being a lot more money. I won’t pick this up again.


  • L’Occitane Almond Hand Cream – The holy grail of the hand cream world! I have gone through so many of these and have 2 full size ones knocking around my room that will keep me happy for a while!
  • L’Occitane Pamplemousse Rhubarbe Shower Gel – The scent of this was really nice actually, exactly what you would expect – a nice mix of Grapefruit and Rhubarb! I still prefer Body Shop’s though so as much as I like it it won’t be a repurchase.
  • Ren Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial – Another holy grail but this time of the face mask variety! This is a perfect quick refresher for your face when you can’t sit with a mask on for hours! I have bought this again along with another Ren mask so I should be satisfied for a bit longer.
  • Clarins One Step Peach Cleansing Water – I have always liked this product from Clarins and have gone through quite a few bottles both big medium and small. I am currently three quarters of the way through a big bottle so expect to see that here soon. It is so light and refreshing and just removes the last dregs of makeup to leave your skin clear.
  • Clarins Hydraquench Serum – This is my favourite serum of all time but it’s just so damn expensive. I can’t warrant the price at the moment but I think when the weather turns again in Autumn I will bite the bullet and just pick it up as it is so light and helps combat my dry skin spells!
  • Clarins Hydraquench Moisture Cream (x2) – This has been my complete saving grace since I came home from travelling. The flight really dried my skin out and this helped to correct that. Coming into summer it is probably a little too heavy but I have really noticed the difference. Like the serum, I will pick this up again in the Autumn for an added moisture boost!
  • First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser – This was a sample from Sephora and I had high hopes as I’d never tried anything by First Aid Beauty. To be honest it was nothing special. It was nice enough but there are definitely cheaper cleansers that do the same thing so I won’t be buying the full size of this.
  • System Professional Smoothen Hair Mask (x2) – My hair dresser gave me these to take away with me and I honestly loved them! My hair looked and smelt like I had had my hair done at the salon. I’ve got some expensive hair products to wade through first but I would like to pick this up in the future as it worked well with my crazy curly hair.
  • Body Shop Oils of Life Sleeping Cream – I saw Body shop launch this range a while back and never really thought much of it but I really liked this night cream! It was intensely moisturising without being greasy or heavy. This may be a good alternative to the Clarins cream as it is quite a bit cheaper!
  • Body Shop Oils of Life Facial Oil – I’m a bit hit and miss with face oils but this one felt very luxurious and worked well with the sleeping cream. I don’t think I would buy the full size as I don’t think my skin needs it but the scent and the texture were really nice!
  • SP Luxe Hair Oil (x3) – These were little samples to take away with me and one of the vials was enough for one hair wash for me but for shorter hair you could definitely get 2 or 3 uses from them. It has a lovely scent and didn’t weigh my hair down at all. I was really impressed and would consider purchasing the full size in the future.
  • System Professional Colour Save Shampoo – I never really buy shampoos that protect your hair colour as I have never noticed any difference at all. This was a nice shampoo and lathered up well but I think I would try one more specified to my hair type itself than the fact my hair is coloured.
  • System Professional Hydrate Shampoo (Not Pictured) – Of the two, this was definitely my preferred shampoo. I would buy this to go along side the smoothen mask, unless there is a smoothen shampoo (Which I have a feeling there is).
  • Dolce & Gabbana Dolce Rosa Excelsa Perfume – At first I was unsure as to whether I liked this or not but the 5 or 6 wears I got out of this made me quite like it. I would say not enough to buy it as nobody commented on it at all whilst I was wearing it, but it was light and fresh which is what I look for in a perfume.

So those are all the bits I’ve hoarded for the month of April. What have you guys finished up this month? Have you tried any of these products? Leave me any empties posts below as I love to read them myself!

Much Love