MAC Brights – Morange and Girl About Town!

I was looking at my MAC lipstick collection a week or so ago, and I realised that I was lacking a few brighter shades. Now I love a bold lip, to be honest, I don’t really like anything but! However, there wasn’t that many bright summery shades in there so naturally, I had to rectify this ASAP! Now a huge thank you to Mummy Rose Beauty Files, for buying me these two beauties – these were her little treat for me winning my award. As a side note, I did a MAC lipstick collection a couple of months ago and despite saying that it wouldn’t get any bigger for a while, it has. However, i’ll leave the link to the post here in case you want to have a little look. I will have to do an updated one towards the end of the year!

Lets start with Morange. This is a shade I have heard so much about over the years and I’ve always wanted to try. It is just so beautiful and I always find orange shades suit my skin tone well. This is an amplified formula which means it is heavily pigmented without being drying or cakey. I find it very easy to apply and very comfortable on the lips. The shade is about as true orange as you can get. The only other shade I have similar in my collection is So Chaud but I feel that they are still very different. I have included a swatch of each side-by-side below so you can see the comparison. So Chaud is definitely darker and more muted whereas Morange is very bright and vibrant. Surprisingly, I don’t feel like I need a lipliner with this at all and it is just perfect for summer with a gold tones on the eye and lots of bronzer! Having said all that, it still looks amazing with my pale skin now (if I do say so myself!) so it is a good all rounder. I feel like this would look beautiful with really dark skin tones too as the orange will be a real pop!

The other bright addition was Girl About Town. Now this is a very vibrant pink shade that I feel has some blue undertones to it. I am not a pink lipstick wearer really, however, this has really converted me! I love this shade so much! It is also an amplified which means it has a slight sheen to it which I love as I wear a lot of matte shades so this is a nice change. The one thing I noticed about this, is that it fades really evenly! After having this on for the entire day, I was left with a lovely stain to my lips which made it quite an effortless shade to wear for the whole day. This was my mums favourite of the two and I would love to see what this looks like on her as I feel like this is a bright that would suit ladies of all ages and again all skin tones. Whereas Morange may be a bit too ‘out there’ for some people, I feel like almost everyone would love this shade either for a night out or with a pair of sunglasses and dewy skin in the summer months.

Girl About Town Swatched in Natural Daylight

I am so so glad I added these two to my collection. They really are different to anything else I have and the amplified formula is one I have loved for ages. Have any of you tried either of these lipsticks? What are your go-to bright shades for the summer? Let me know as there is always room for more. *slaps wrist*

Much Love


11 thoughts on “MAC Brights – Morange and Girl About Town!

  1. Morange looks so pretty! I have been thinking about getting it for ages now! Since it is very bright, I didn’t do it but I am reconsidering it now 🙂

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  2. I definitely need some more bright shades in my MAC lipstick collection! I also really love the amplified formula, I think I’m going to get Vegas Volt next.
    Lucie xo |

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