Worth The Hype? – Sleek Solstice Highlighter Palette

So it’s getting to that stage in the revision cycle where I feel like I need a beauty related treat. However, I’m off to Italy next month so I can’t really spend very much money at all and I have even gone as far as to put myself on a bit of a spending ban. Therefore, I needed to get cunning and think of a way around my own restrictions.

In the end I realised I had enough Boots points to pick up the much-raved-about Sleek Solstice Highlighter palette. Now highlighter is something I have only got properly into in the last 6-8 months or so but now I am 100% addicted. There is not a day goes by now where I let my highlighter not be ‘on fleek’. I’ve seen a few YouTubers mention this palette on their channels, in particular Rachel Leary who is one of my absolute favourites! Her recommendations are usually amazing so I gave in and settled on this being my little treat.

Lets first talk about the packaging. The packaging is a really sleek (pardon the pun) golden casing that has a huge mirror in the lid. I love this packaging as it looks really pretty but is also small enough to fit in my makeup bag which is a bonus. I wish they hadn’t bothered including a brush and had simply filled the space with extra product as no-one ever uses those crappy little brushes.

The product itself consists of four different highlighters – 1 cream, 2 baked and 1 powder. The also come in a good range of colours from a very yellow based one to pinks, warm golden tones and also a rather interesting rose golden shade. The consistency and pigmentation of each of these is amazing, I was really impressed. However, compared to higher end highlighters, like my MAC Soft & Gentle or my Smashbox highlight, these aren’t as finely milled and are a little bit ‘powdery’. The cream however, is incredible! This was my favourite when I first swatched it and it blends like a dream. I have only ever tried a couple of cream highlighters (including Benefit’s Watts Up!) and I didn’t really like either of them as I felt like they moved my foundation underneath. This one doesn’t seem to do that and blends in really well using just your fingers. I then like to layer a powder on top to set it completely in place.

I feel like Sleek have priced this product very reasonably as it is only £10 which for 4 highlighters is amazing! Thats only  £2.50 per highlighter which would be nearly impossible to match from most other brands. They actually do a couple of other highlighter palettes if the colours in this one aren’t taking your fancy. The ‘Midas Touch Palette’ is a bit more out-there with very cool toned shades including a blue and an almost green shade. These were a bit weird colours for my liking as I prefer a natural glow. The other option is the Precious Metals Palette but this had more cream highlighters in which I wasn’t sure I would like. The colours in that one are beautiful too! All three palettes are the same price so you can pick the colours that suit you the best knowing that the quality is great value for money!

Have you tried this palette or either of the other two mentioned? Have you tried Sleek makeup before? Would this be a product you would treat yourself to?

Much Love


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