Worth The Hype? – Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes Mascara

So the other day, I bit the bullet and bought the new Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes Mascara. Now pretty much everything I have ever tried from her brand has been amazing so I did have really high hopes for this. I have heard it compared to the Two Faced Better Than Sex mascara, which is one I love, so I felt like it was worth the splurge!

Now, lets get straight to the point, this is an EXPENSIVE mascara! It retails for £25 which in my eyes is about the most I would pay for a mascara. For the brand, this isn’t a ridiculous price but in the grand scheme of things, it is not cheap!

Firstly, the packaging. Oh my goodness it is just so dreamy! It comes in the usual Charlotte Tilbury burgundy box with rose gold lettering which is just the most beautiful colour combination! The actual tube itself is even more beautiful! It is a completely rose golden tube which looks so luxurious and special. There’s many things that Charlotte has gotten spot on with this brand, but packaging is definitely up there at the top as everything looks like such a treat!

The mascara wand itself is a bristle wand rather than a plastic wand which is definitely my preference. I find plastic wands to be too scratchy and they also don’t catch all my lashes so I have to go over them more. This wand literally catches every lash first time. I honestly wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t tried it but one coat gives beautiful day time lashes! This is definitely a buildable mascara which is something I like as I don’t want the same type of lashes all the time. The product itself isn’t clumpy which is perfect, but does fully coat the lashes making them look longer, fuller and a really deep black colour.

I asked Tom what he thought of the mascara on my eyes and he was really impressed. He said he liked how it made them look longer and more separated without looking clumpy which to be honest, would be my summed up review of this too. It is a very wet mascara formula though so you may need to be a bit more careful than usual incase you get it all over your lid. This only happened to me once and it was very easy to remove. I only picked this up yesterday so I am completely going off my first impressions, but I absolutely loved this mascara. It lasted well throughout the day, made my lashes look natural yet still gave them a bit of impact and the packaging was a dream. If I could change one thing it would be the price but I don’t think that’s going to happen any time soon so I just need to suck it up! Literally, Charlotte, take my money!

Have you tried this mascara yet? If so what do you think?

Much Love



9 thoughts on “Worth The Hype? – Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes Mascara

  1. I love her other mascara! I can’t get an answer on whether the brand is cruelty free so I’ll have to hold out on any more products but I really want this. We can only hope right.


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