Review: MAC Copper Sparkle Pigment & FOTD

So last week my fabulous tutee, and good friend, Lauren and I had our final ever maths tuition session together and after 3 years of chatting makeup whilst we worked, she knew the way to my heart. At the end of the session she gave me a little Selfridges bag and I got way way too excited! Inside was my first ever MAC pigment, Copper Sparkle! Now both of us love warm toned eye colours so she knew this would be a hit with me as I always complement her when she wears it! I gave it a test drive last week when I went to see Mamma Mia! at the theatre and I thought I’d let you know what I think. Also, as a little side note, this is my 200th blog post and I am literally the proudest person ever to think I have written that many! I actually read some of my older posts the other day and although they are a little cringey and the pictures are awful, its nice to see how far I’ve come and hopefully I can carry on improving! Anyway, enough of the emotional moment, back to the review!

Firstly, I love the packaging. It is very similar to the MAC polishes packaging with the chunky almost rubberised top. You get 4.5g of product inside which may not sound like a lot but you literally need the tiniest amount so a little will go a very very long way! Thankfully there is also a little removable stopper inside the lid to try and help you avoid unnecessarily spilling £16 on the floor and crying.

When it comes to the colour, where do I even begin?!! This is the most beautiful coppery, warm orange shade that looks absolutely gorgeous with blue or green eyes. It makes them pop so much it is unreal! Warm tones are my absolute favourite to wear and this is very similar in tone to Woodwinked or Amber lights but is about 1000 times more pigmented and is quite a bold statement. However, if you want to go even bolder (go hard or go home right?!) then if you spray your brush with Fix +, the pigmentation is off the charts! I’ve included swatched below for you so you can see the ridiculous difference!

L-R Dry Pigment, Pigment With Fix+

Surprisingly, this is very easy to apply and very easy to wear. It lasts incredibly well throughout the day and really does not budge. There is a tiny bit of fallout when first applied, but the pigment particles are chunkier than a normal eyeshadow so they do brush off very very easily and don’t really disturb your face makeup underneath. I get so so many complements when I wear this as it is so much sparklier than any normal eyeshadow and the colour is incredibly striking! Collage_Fotor.jpg

Here’s my favourite makeup look using this palette. Products are as follows:

Base: Smashbox Photo Ready Primer Water, Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation & Concealer, MAC Studio Fix Powder.

Face: Hoola Bronzer, MAC Crisp Whites Blush, MAC Soft & Gentle, MAC Fix+

Brows: Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil

Eyes: I used Substitute For Love & Freshly Toasted from the Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette in the Crease and then sprayed my brush with Fix+ and pressed Copper Sparkle Pigment all over the centre of the lid. I smudged the crease shades along the lower lash line along with a touch of pigment. For liner I used the shade Beans are White from the Zoeva palette too. My inner corner highlight is Shroom from my MAC Palette. For mascara I went OTT and used three! I used Too Faced Better Than Sex, Benefit Roller Lash & Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes. I thought the outcome of these three was simply amazing!

Lips: I used MAC Cherry Lipliner to line my lips and then filled them in with MAC Russian Red Lipstick.

What do you think of this pigment and the look I created with it? Is this in your collection? Would this be something you’d wear? I now desperately want to add Blue-Brown pigment to my collection as that is absolutely beautiful. Hopefully I can treat myself after my internship!

Much Love



Review: MaxFactor Marilyn Monroe Lipstick Collection

MaxFactor have designed a collection of 4 Red lipsticks based on the style icon Marilyn Monroe with the aim to allow you to find ‘your red’. They have used their colour elixir formula to give a smooth and comfortable finish whilst still packing a punch with the pigmentation! I have never tried any colours from this formula other than these so I can’t compare how the formula feels unfortunately.

I have managed to snag two of the four colours in the shades ‘Berry’ and ‘Cabernet’ so I wanted to share with you my thoughts on them. My first impressions of the packaging were really good, the red is so striking and just having MaxFactor written in gold is really sleek. I’m so pleased they didn’t decide to play on the fact the are based on Marilyn Monroe as it could have looked a bit tacky. This way it’s nice and sophisticated like she was!

These lipsticks each retail for £7.99 but they are on three for two at the moment so you could snag three for only £15.98! When you compare that to the fact one limited edition lipstick from MAC (Like the red I bought from the Vibe Tribe Collection) is £17.00 you really are getting good value for money!

The formula is somewhere between an amplified, a cream sheen and a frost. It is highly pigmented yet comfortable on the lips; leaves a slight sheen and some shades have a very tiny hint of shimmer in. Please don’t let the shimmer put you off though as it is incredibly subtle and hardly noticeable on the lips! Of the two shades I own, only Cabernet has shimmer in. The shimmer in it almost reminds me of New York Apple which is very similar in tone too with the deeper berry red vibes going on!

Berry is actually not very berry at all and is in fact more of a light to medium pinky red. To be honest, I really like it as it is nothing like any shades I already own and is a very day time appropriate pop of colour! I would say that it definitely comes off different to how it looks in the bullet though so make sure you give it a good swatch before you buy incase it’s not what you are looking for. The lasting power of these is also pretty good, they aren’t matte so they aren’t going to stick around forever, but for a more comfortable ‘sheeny’ lipstick they last pretty well on the lips. I currently have had cabernet on for nearly three hours, i’ve eaten and drunk and it still looks lovely on. Slightly more subtle but still a very clear wash of colour. That’s pretty good going in my eyes!

L-R Berry, Cabernet

I would say I’m really happy that I picked up these two lipsticks. It does make a nice change from MAC and they are definitely more affordable. MaxFactor says there is a perfect shade for everyone so it’s always worth a try! I would like to try the other two to see if they are more ‘me’, but I am really pleased with these two. Have you tried these out? Do you like the idea behind the collection?

Much Love


Mini Friday Night Facial!

I absolutely love skincare and realised I haven’t really written about it much recently. It’s not for lack of trying products as I change up my skincare all the time; I guess I’ve just overlooked it! So on Friday I was just relaxing in the bath, for literally 2 hours, and I thought of all the products I’d used in my mini facial and thought I’d share it all with you in a post! If you would like to see more skincare posts, then please let me know as I love writing them so would be more than happy to come up with a few more.

So first things first, with any facial, you must remove all your makeup! I simultaneously love and hate this step! I love taking my makeup off and feeling a bit cleaner, however I hate the actual process. It’s a hard life! So I switch up how I remove my makeup on nearly a daily basis simply based upon my mood and how much makeup I’m actually wearing. This particular day I had an absolute tonne of makeup on and thought something a little more heavy duty was needed! I used the Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Oil as it really does dissolve makeup. I have to say, as much as I like this, it is nowhere near as effective as the camomile cleansing butter but I have a bottle of this to get through so i’ll use it and then by the butter again instead. However, it is lovely and light, isn’t too fragranced and doesn’t leave your skin greasy so it does do the job well. I just love the cleansing butter better than anything else I’ve tried!

My skin was so tired so I thought I’d use a face mask to give it a bit of a boost in preparation for starting my internship. I used the Ren Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask which I think I have only used once before. I really love Ren face masks and find that they really do help my skin. I would say I prefer the 1 minute flash facial as its just so quick, but this did leave my skin looking more glowy and fresh which is always great! You leave this on for ten minutes and then simply remove with a warm, damp face cloth so it is still pretty easy to use and doesn’t cause too much hassle.

I bought a tiny sample pot of the Nip & Fab Glycolic Fix Exfoliating Pads from Amazon for 90p as I’ve always wanted to give them a try and I didn’t want to spend £8.50 on a full pot if they didn’t agree with my skin. These are an acid exfoliator which is something I have never used before so I was intrigued to give them a go. On first impressions I liked using these. If my skin agrees with them I can see me buying more as they were a nice refreshing step into my skin care and weren’t too abrasive and didn’t leave my skin dry at all. You swipe one pad over your face and that’s literally it! Easy!

For serum I used the BareMinerals Skin Rever Upper as it’s the only serum I have lying around at the moment and I want to use it up before I buy another one. This is quite average to be honest but it is nice and light on the skin and is nice to apply before foundation so i’ve stuck with it. You also get a really good amount of product in the bottle, 68ml to be precise, which is over double the usual 30ml of serums!

I go through phases with using eye creams and at the moment I’m being a bit lazy. However, I do really like using the Tony Moly Panda’s Dream Brightening Eye Base under my eyes. I mean firstly, lets just comment on the INCREDIBLE packaging! Its a panda!! The actual product is a moisturising dark circle corrector and it surprisingly effective! You can use this before you apply concealer or on it’s own and I do find it makes my eyes look brighter, helps with dark circles and keeps the skin nice and hydrated. I’ve had this a while but I plan to keep using this now I’ve rediscovered it again!

The final step was moisturiser. I love the Body Shop Vitamin E skincare range in general and this Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream is no exception to that rule. It is very hydrating without leaving your skin feeling too greasy and soaks in nicely but not too fast that you can’t remember if you put it on or not! This is my second tub of this and I always enjoy using it. It doesn’t have a strong smell to it and just generally does wonders to my skin.

So there you have it, quite a quick run through of my do it at home facial. I could very easily use more products but to be honest, I just couldn’t be bothered! Have you tried any of these products? If so, what do you think of them? What do you use to pamper yourself on a night in?

Much Love


Three Ways To Wear MAC Club!

MAC Club is a well talked about eyeshadow amongst the beauty community but I feel a lot of people are put off by just how blue/green it looks in the pan! I think it sparks horrible reminders of 90’s makeup for a lot of people and sends then running in the opposite direction! Hopefully, by the end of this post you may think differently and if you don’t already own it, you may want to head on down to MAC! I’ve got three different looks for you today using Club and hopefully one will take your fancy!mac_sku_M2593X_280x320_0

MAC describe Club as a satin shade that is red-brown with green pearl and for once, that is quite an apt description of it! The base of this shadow is definitely incredibly warm toned and when buffed out creates a really nice duo-toned effect. It is like the more colourful sister of MAC’s woodwinked in that aspect and that brings me onto to look one and the easiest one of the bunch:

  1. Go Solo! And by that I mean wear it on it’s own! The amazing thing about this shadow is that it is like getting two colours for the price of one. When the shadow is pressed onto the lid, it creates a very blue/green look but when buffed out, it is more of a warm toned brown. This makes it incredibly easy to get an effortless look with one brush and one shadow! I like to use a Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush for this one and use the flat side to pack the colour onto my lid. I then turn the brush to the side and buff the colour out along the outer corner and into my crease. The colour somehow morphs into a much warmer tone and looks like you have been blending colours for ages! I like to bring a little bit of this along the lower lash line too to keep it nice and smoky and add a touch of highlight to the inner corner.FullSizeRender_Fotor
  2. Go Green! Why use a green toned shadow if you aren’t going to have a bit of colour in your look? This one actually is nowhere near as scary as it sounds and looks nice with my blue eyes but will really make brown eyes stand out! You want to pack Sumptuous Olive all over the lid making sure to bring a little across your entire lower lash line too. This shade is perfect for summer and bang on trend whilst still being incredibly wearable. The gold in it stops it looking too green and I would say this is actually one of my most used shades in my MAC palette surprisingly! You then want to get a small fluffy brush and blend Club into the outer V and crease. The mix of these two colours is very wearable and you could really amp it up with some black liner for nights out. You want to blend Club into the outer third of the bottom lash line too to tie the two colours together. As an added touch for a night out, blend a tiny amount of a matte black eyeshadow (Like Carbon) into the outer V, this really smokes it out and takes it from a day time look to nighttime with very minimal effort!IMG_1112_Fotor
  3. Go All Out! To really intensify the shadow, you want to play on the fact that is has such warm undertones. You want to start with a crease brush and use a light to midtoned warm brown matte shade. I used Substitute For Love from the Zoeva Cocoa blend palette but any similar shade will do. Once this was all blended out, I used a darker warm brown matte shade, again I used the Zoeva palette but this time Freshly Toasted, to intensify the crease. We want to really show the contrast between the blue and the brown so I sprayed my brush with Fix+ before packing Club into the centre of the lid. This really intensifies the colour and allows the different pigments to show through. Go back to your blending brush and buff out the edges to ensure a seamless finish between the shades. Take the two mate brown colours onto your lower lash line and line your upper lash line with black eyeliner. I chose to use Carbon eyeshadow for this but liquid liner or kohl would be great too. Add loads of mascara for this look and even false lashes if you can as it would look incredible! I used Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes for this as it is as close as I can get to falsies without actually having to battle to apply them! Don’t forget a touch of inner corner highlight, I chose MAC’s Shroom but any light shimmery shadow would do. You could even use some of your normal highlighter!IMG_1096_Fotor

So there you have it, three different ways that I have found to make amazing looks with MAC Club eyeshadow! I love the colour so much I am thinking I will have to pick up Blue-Brown pigment too for when I really want to pack a punch! What do you think of these looks? Is Club already in your collection?

Much Love


4 Pairs Of Work Shoes To Take You From Boardroom To Bar!

This month I’m putting on my big girl pants and actually starting my internship! Yep, that means 9-5.30 Monday to Friday guys, I just stepped into the real world and out of my student bubble! Although I am so excited, I was a bit worried about dressing smart enough yet still allowing my personal style to shine through. I might do a few work-based posts in case there are any other graduates or interns reading this but for now, I’m going to stick to everyones favourite: Shoes!

Collage_Fotor.jpgNow I am a girl who loves a high heel and I would rather suffer than wear flats all day every day. Literally I wear some kind of heeled shoe nearly every day to uni and actually get more blisters from my flip-flops and Birkenstocks than anything else! Therefore, corporate world just screamed heels to me so I’ve picked 4 pairs that should cover me for all eventualities. Two of them are very ‘work heel’ in my opinion and two of them are a little bit funky so I feel I have a good mix to last me the six weeks!

  1. The Nude Court Shoe – Now everyone needs a good Nude court shoes for work. They are classic and timeless and something that has been missing from my shoe collection for a while now. The ones I chose are from Dorothy Perkins and they are the Pink ‘Emie’ High Courts (£18.75 Sale price). Unfortunately I bought these just before the sale began, however I did get student discount on them which made them only £22.50 anyway. They have a nice pointed toe and have quite a high heel that is 4 inches. They are leather look and will be nice and easy to keep clean compared to patent shoes! These will be great for wearing with tailored trousers or a brighter dress!IMG_1101_Fotor.jpg
  2. The Black Court Shoe – No work shoe-drobe would be complete without the black court shoe. Although my Louboutins would fit the job perfectly, there is not a cat in hells chance I could survive wearing those all day without having to undergo some sort of foot reconstruction! Therefore I needed to pick up a cheaper pair that would be worn for all those times I need a black court shoe that I can wear for longer than two hours! I picked these London Rebel Pauline Velvet Court Shoes up from ASOS a couple of months ago for some interviews and they were such a good buy! They are a little bit quirky as they are velvet effect but the lower, 2 inch, heel is perfect for walking around in all day! They are also super cheap as they are on sale for only £16 now too! I am going to get so much wear out of these as they will literally go with everything!IMG_1106_Fotor.jpg
  3. The Shoe Boot – I love shoe boots. Literally I wear them most days and my Mum and I own so many pairs between us in different colours and finishes. These Khaki Ankle Wrap Shoe Boots from Next are actually quite different to any other pair we have and are a little dressier which makes them a great option for summer at work! The heel height is about 3 inches but due to the chunky nature of it, it is a lot easier to walk in. The suede effect makes them look quite high end and the tassels show the corporate world that you aren’t a number crunching drone! I think these will look great with dresses or skirts and a top and will keep my feet cool through the warmer months. These were the most expensive of the 4 at £40, however I still don’t think that is extortionate for some shoes (lets not get into the cost of the Louboutins!!!).IMG_1108_Fotor.jpg
  4. The Curve Ball – I like to try new things with fashion and I like to try and establish my own style. I definitely am more of a dresses girl and love to dress up for events. However, I do like to have quirky pieces in my wardrobe that aren’t quite the norm and I think these shoes are as quirky as I could get away with for work. These Leather Wood Look Sandals, again from Next, are so me and as soon as I put them on and realised how comfy they were, I knew I had to have them! The nice thing about these is that the tan sections are actually real leather and the sole is made up to look like wood, making them a little reminiscent of a clog! The stud detailing down the side finishes it off nicely and the chunky heel is only 3.5 inches making them easy to walk in. These came in at a price of £38 which I think is really reasonable for leather shoes. I think these would look great with trousers or dresses and will keep me looking smart yet stylish at the same time!IMG_1103_Fotor.jpg

Those are the 4 staple pairs of shoes I have for my internship, there is likely to be other shoes entering into the mix too but I thought a base of 4 would help me decide on some outfits initially. By the time you are reading this, I will be heading down to Windsor to start my three day training so fingers crossed it all goes okay! What do you think of these? Which ones are your favourite?

Much Love


Review: MAC Rebel Lipstick

For our fourth anniversary at the start of June, Tom very kindly bought me a new MAC lipstick as he knows the obsession is real! He surprised me by picking one that has been on my wishlist for a while now and I am so pleased to finally own in. As you can tell from the title, the shade he picked was Rebel and I thought I’d share with you all, simple how much I love it!!

Rebel is a Satin finish which is quickly becoming one of my favourites! It is nicely pigmented without being as drying as a matte and has pretty good lasting power too! This is in MAC’s permanent collection and as far as I am aware, it is a very very popular shade!

The colour itself is actually very unusual as in the bullet it looks almost like a very deep purple shade when in fact it is a mid purple/pink on the lips or when swatched. MAC describe it as a ‘mid tonal cream plum’ which is a bit of an odd description to be honest but it definitely has plummy undertones to it yet is still bright enough to be a good summer colour too. I actually feel like this is one of the best transitional shades I own as it is autumnal enough for the winter months with the plum undertones but the pink in it makes it suitable for the warmer months too. I’m sure this will be a great investment shade!IMG_0915.JPG

I tried to find similar colours in my collection to show you some comparison swatches. I have found a similar dupe in the form of Topshop’s Beguiled and if you are looking for a similar MAC lipstick, New York Apple is the closest I own. As you can see Rebel is definitely more pinky/purple whereas the other two are more plum/red. This isn’t the smoothest when it comes to application and can occasionally dry a little patchier than some of the other shades but i think a good lipliner would sort that out no problem. It is slightly more dry than some of the other satin shades but all in all I am so happy to have this in my collection and I am sure to get a huge amount of wear out of it!

L-R Topshop Beguiled, MAC Rebel, MAC New York Apple

Do you own this shade? What do you think? Have you found any dupes for it or any similar shades from MAC?

Much Love


The Travel Diaries: Italy June 2016

So this month Tom and I were lucky enough to jet off for 8 days in Italy to mark the end of my exams! We love Italy having visited Venice last year together and I visited Rome a couple of years ago. The food, the people an the scenery guarantee a beautiful and memorable trip. This time around we decided to try and visit a few places in the same trip and settled for Pisa, Florence & Milan. Thankfully the weather was on our side and I thought I’d share with you what we got up to!

We started our holiday in Pisa having both always wanted to see the Leaning Tower! The weather was absolutely beautiful for the first few days and we spent our time strolling the streets and taking in the atmosphere. The Leaning Tower itself is pretty impressive and is a hell of a lot more wonky than you would think! It is about 15 feet out of plumb and leans at an angle of approximately 4 degrees so its seriously leaning! Of course Tom and I had to do the stereotypical ‘holding up the tower’ pose so I’ll share mine with you below!13422316_10209857668548508_2247247816101997224_o.jpg

On our second day we headed over to Florence for a little sightseeing tour. Tom is a huge fan of vintage cars, having renovated his own Classic Mini so when we saw a driving tour of Tuscany in a Vintage Fiat 500, we knew that was the one for us! I absolutely adore driving but I’d never driven either abroad or a vintage car so it was quite exciting yet nerve wracking to give it a go! We had a fantastic tour guide Jimmy who chatted to us whilst we drove and told us all about the scenery that we were driving through. I was first to drive and I loved it! It was so weird to drive on the ‘wrong’ side of the road and the double clutch took some getting used to! We stopped at some absolutely breath taking spots the provided gorgeous views over both Florence and the whole of Tuscany. It was beautiful! Tom, of course, loved it and was in his element driving down the narrow roads in an old car. I would definitely recommend this to anyone that loves driving or even if you just want to really see a lot of Tuscany in a short space of time. I think there was the option to have the guide drive the whole way if you weren’t too keen but that was one of our favourite parts! 13391448_10209857918034745_1976218114899642276_o13403110_10209857794871666_2583303341282123804_o

Our final day in Pisa was sadly very very rainy so we just took it easy and watched a film. It was still lovely though as we had both been incredibly busy leading up to the holiday and needed a break! The next day we headed back to the train station but this time to travel to Milan! We wanted to see a different side of Italy and Milan was definitely it. It is so chic and stylish and very different to anywhere else in Italy. We stayed at the LaGare Hotel near the central station and it was absolutely beautiful! It is reasonably new and no expense has been spared when creating it! Our favourite part was the incredible spa that took over the bottom floor and it was just the most relaxing way to spend an evening!13391521_10209857916834715_2301915322983212211_o.jpg

We spent our days in Milan wandering the streets, eating Gelato and exploring the beautiful shops. We took a long stroll round one of the parks in the city and were surprised to see turtles swimming in the ponds! Now that’s definitely something you don’t get to experience in the UK!! We of course took a wander down to the Duomo and took in all the beautiful historical sights. We actually walked all the way to the top of the Duomo and got fantastic views over Milan. 13415499_10209886409507014_8886484321943335573_o.jpgThe building itself is really very beautiful and a must see if you are in the area! We also walked through the main shopping centre marvelling at the expensive treats we could have picked up had we had the money! 13418602_10209886319624767_2312567515721407508_o

As ever, all good things have to come to an end and we had soon reached the end of our trip. Italy will always hold a large place in our hearts and we have plans to visit Lake Garda next year if possible as we have heard that that is stunning! That’s going to be it for the travel diaries for a while until I head to Belgium in August. There is potentially a trip to Amsterdam in the pipelines with my friend Emily again, however this is completely dependent on my funding situation!! I hope you have enjoyed this post! Have you been to any of these wonderful cities? What did you think of them?

Much Love


P.s all photography credit goes to Tom who is a thousand times more talented with a camera than I will ever be! I’m grateful though as we get beautiful images that will last us a lifetime!