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I fancied doing a tag today as I haven’t done one in ages! I settled on the MAC lipstick tag as I have wanted to do this kind of post about my collection for a while so I thought it killed two birds with one stone! I’m not going to tag anyone in particular but if you do decide to do this leave the link in the comments so I can check it out as I’d love to read some of the answers! I took some of these questions from the blog Behind Green Eyes but changed some and added a few of my own too. Please feel free to use these questions but link back to my blog if you do please! My MAC lipstick collection post is here but be aware there have been a few additions since then!

1. What was your first MAC lipstick?

My first ever MAC lipstick was Saint Germain  and I was probably about 14. It is the least wearable colour I own now and I hardly reach for it as it is such a bright baby pink which is not my colour really.

2. What was your most recent MAC lipstick addition?

My most recent addition was Rebel and Tom bought this for me for our anniversary on the 3rd June. We’d been together for 4 years and buying me that lipstick definitely shows he knows the way to my heart! It is a beautiful plummy pink colour in a satin finish which I will love wearing! (P.s review to follow shortly!)

3. What is your most used MAC Lipstick?

Definitely Brave. I would say I only have a quarter left and it has a very steep curve etched into it now! I reach for this nearly every day as the colour goes with everything and the formula is so comfortable on the lips as it is a satin finish. The dusky pink shade is a bit of a ‘my lips but better’ shade.

4. What is your favourite nude/pink/red MAC lipstick?

Nude – Shanghai spice or Brave

Pink – Mehr or Girl About Town

Red – Russian Red or Cherry Lipliner 

5. Have you ever repurchased a MAC lipstick?

No I’ve never actually finished one but when I finish Brave I think that will have to be repurchased as I don’t know how I would live without it!

6. Which of the different MAC finishes do you own?

I have 7 Mattes, 3 satins, 3 creamsheens, 1 frost and 4 amplified. So totalling 18 (cringes at the money but secretly grins with happiness)

7. Which shade do you want to wear more?

I love the shade Stone and I really need to keep reminding myself to reach for that as it is so unusual. Also, I want to wear Morange loads throughout summer as I have had my nails painted a matching orange colour and I love the matchy matchy look every now and again!

8. Which shade doesn’t get enough hype?

Brick-o-la and shanghai spice definitely don’t get enough hype. Brick-o-la is a lovely muted deep red that is a great everyday colour for those who like slightly bolder shades or a good colour for those neutral lovers who want to push their boundaries! Shanghai spice is an amazing everyday colour – it’s a cream sheen formula and is a lovely peachy nude.

9. Do you regret buying any shades?

I don’t regret it but I don’t wear Saint Germain anymore on its own. I do blend it with other colours to try and use it up but that is the only one in my collection that I don’t love.

10. What next?

My current wishlist includes: Amorous, Mocha, Antique Velvet and I did want Hot Chocolate from the Vibe Tribe collection but it was sold out when I went to buy it 😦

I hope you’ve enjoyed this fun little post! I am writing this from Pisa as the weather is having a bit of an off day and I thought i’d make the most of it by catching up on blogging! Speak to you all soon!

Much Love



11 thoughts on “The MAC Lipstick Tag

  1. I like your answers 🙂
    Congrats on your 4th anniversary with Tom! The fact the a guy is buying the right makeup (the item she wishes) for his girlfriend I think it really shows that his listening to her.
    My boyfriend bought me the LORAC Pro Palette for my birthday last year and I can only tell you I love him even more for doing that 🙂

    PS: You always want to make me top run into a MAC store 😀


  2. Stone looks like quite a statement colour but I bet it looks great on you! And I think I need to finally get Brave since most people say they reach for it often. I like wearable shades!


    1. I love Stone, I find that my skin tone is quite good for most bold shades but not paler shades with white undertones. Stone is a very love or hate one tho! You need to get Brave, honestly it is my go to lipstick and hands down my most worn. It’s great if you’re rocking a smoky eye, a no-makeup makeup look, office makeup.Literally every occasion! It’s so comfortable to wear too. It’s also a shade I didn’t choose myself so the gift giver had amazing taste!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ve wanted MAC lipsticks for ages, but my closest store that sells MAC is so far away and I just can’t be bothered (and I’m saving up for a new desk chair)! However, this post is amazing nonetheless and makes me want to buy a few soon!
    Hatsy xx

    Liked by 1 person

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