Puppy Update: 7 Weeks in!

Reading Rachel’s post the other day over on Helpless Whilst Drying, I was really inspired to write a little puppy update for you all and share some of those seriously cute puppy moments with you all. I want this to be something I can look back on in years to come and marvel at how small he was!

Outfit On Point.

So if you read my post briefly explaining our step into fur baby parenthood you’ll know that we picked up JJ on the 23rd April 2016. Thankfully he was ready to go that day as I don’t think Tom would have got me home without him unless he’d sedated me. He is a Jug which is a Jack Russell Cross with a Pug and came from a litter of 6 and was one of only two left – him and a little girl. Tom had his heart set on a boy dog as he has had a boy dog in the past and I have to admit this was probably my preference too as I would be worried about dealing with a female dog when she came into season etc. As soon as he bounded over to us with his tail wagging and he started chewing at my jeans, I knew he was the fun loving puppy I needed in my life.

Total Sleepy Mummy’s Boy!

When we took him home he weighed just over 1kg and was a sleepy, wrinkly bundle of cuteness. Having started with a strict regimen in my head of ‘no dogs in the bedroom/upstairs’ one look at his tiny face and I crumbled. Up he came and his beds position in the corner of our room has remained ever since. However, as he splits him time between our two houses until we can finally gather enough money to move in together, he is well adjusted at sleeping anywhere and can happily sleep in the kitchen on his own or in the corner of our room without causing any fuss at all. He no longer whines at all at night and thankfully the scratching at the side of the bed subsided after a week or two.

Toilet Training going well…

The main issue all new puppy owners have is the toilet training and boy did I underestimate how hard that would be! One week you seem to be getting somewhere and the next your slipping in wee (in my case) or treading on a poo (in Tom’s). It is honestly enough to test the patience of a saint! However, we seem to be getting somewhere slowly! He is definitely a food orientated dog and now we have a treat system set in place he is eager to wee on a puppy pad or in the garden. I still advise guests to watch where they put their feet though for the time being!

His natural eyeliner is better than I can ever get mine!

The final hurdle we have overcome is having him walk on a lead! At first he was not keen at all and spread all four limbs out in an attempt to stop himself going anywhere. I was so disheartened at first as I had this whimsical idea in my head that you popped a lead and collar on and off you skipped on long walks with stops at the pub on route. WRONG! With a puppy whose legs are probably three inches long, you need more of the patience element and less of the walking. After a couple of days of experimentation we discovered that he definitely functions better with a harness than a collar and off we skipped…round the block. Then hours of sleeping followed but we have finally worked up to a good half an hour walk and he loves it. His little ears flap as we go and his tail wags as he runs and every single human imaginable stops for a cuddle and some fuss. He is a little attention seeker so this doesn’t bother him at all and he gets more social as the days go on.

IMG_0897.JPGHe has had all of his jabs now and his tablets are up to date so now we get to enjoy having a fun little bundle of fur running round. We have decided to take him to puppy classes so they start on the 14th and I am so excited. I was determined to try and train him as we went on so I am looking forward to bonding even more with him and teaching him some skills at the same time. One thing I would say is that having a puppy has given me such a boost. I was quite an anxious and down person in the year or so before we got him and despite the use of medication, the improvements were only slight. I can honestly say that since we picked him up I feel more back to my ‘normal’ self than I have done in months and I can only put it down to him.  I will keep you posted as the course goes on and let you know how he takes to them. Would you like to see some more puppy updates in the future? Do any of you have puppies or full grown dogs? Let me know what breeds!

Much Love


I little run in with a can of paint…

P.s if you want to see more cute pictures of JJ (on like a daily basis) I have created him an instagram account and we would love it if you followed him! It’s @JJ_The_Jug

A bath was needed! He wasn’t impressed. 

P.P.S  If you want to see more of my blogging pictures then please follow my new instagram account @RoseBeautyFiles

3 thoughts on “Puppy Update: 7 Weeks in!

  1. Wouldn’t you spay the female dog so you won’t have to deal with it coming into heat? Is JJ neutered?
    He’s super cute and photogenic! Having a dog definitely gives you new focus and purpose – they do somehow magically melt away the stresses of the day (no matter if they pooped in the house or chewed up something!) I don’t have a dog now but I grew up with a German Shorthaired Pointer – I love bigger breeds myself, a dog I can actually rest my head on, lol. 🙂


    1. Some people believe its better for them not to be but I’m not knowledgable enough about it really! JJ isn’t neutered as they have to be a minimum of 6 months old at our vets and they don’t always advise to do it unless its a problem! Thank you so much, i just love him!!


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