The Travel Diaries – Canada April 2016

Here is part two of my travel diaries from my trip to the states and Canada! Yesterday’s post was part 1 so make sure you check that out too! So after our final day in New York, Emily and I headed to JFK to hop on a plane to Buffalo. The plane journey was only an hour but it was a tiny plane with only two seats on either side of the aisle! For someone who dislikes flying, an hour was definitely long enough for me!

The whole purpose of our trip to Buffalo was to visit Niagara Falls and we actually stayed at the Marriott hotel which is situated right on the edge of the falls. I would definitely recommend the hotel if you are planning on staying a night there. The rooms were really spacious and ours had an absolutely incredible view!! IMG_0630.JPG

The view from our hotel room!

The actual falls are pretty breath taking and the sheer volume of water is really hard to comprehend until you are actually there! Something I didn’t realise is that there are actually 3 falls along the same section of the river and each have a different name. You can go on a boat ride right up to the falls but it was -5 and snowing whilst we were there so we gave that a miss. We did walk as close as you can get to the water though and watched the gallons and gallons of water crash on to the rocks below. It is both scary and relaxing at the same time!!


The next day we headed to our final stop of the trip, Toronto. Don’t ask us why we picked there we just looked at what was the closest on the map and decided to explore whilst we over there! By this point we were exhausted though and spent the last few days leisurely wandering around and just relaxing. I’ve got to be honest and say that I didn’t like Toronto as much as I have heard other people do. I found that it wasn’t too different to a lot of main cities and after New York it was quite quiet!

We did fill our days well though and managed to cover a lot of the city on foot from the University at the top right down to the lovely harbour. If I were to go again I would quite like to go to the islands though as we didn’t make it to those whilst we were there as it was quite chilly. One of the crucial components of the Toronto skyline is of course the CN Tower. This was something I had wanted to tick off me to-see list for a while! IMG_0653.JPG

We spent quite a few hours wandering around the huge shopping mall that is the Toronto Eaton Centre. This is huge and full of great shops. I was very disappointed that the new Nordstrom and NYX were not finished when we were there but my bank account was quite happy about that! There is also a huge food hall down on the bottom floor which will suit every tastes as there is cuisine from all around the world there! For me this was the easiest and cheapest way to eat whilst we were there. We even tried the traditional Poutine which was honestly so delicious! I want them to bring those things over to England so I can keep eating them!!!

Finally after 3 days in Toronto it was time to begin the long journey home and fantasise about the next trip I would go on. That was coincidentally the trip i’m on right now, there will of course be a travel diary coming up in the future for Italy too! I hope you all enjoyed this post!

Much Love


4 thoughts on “The Travel Diaries – Canada April 2016

  1. I’ve actually taken the boat that goes right up next to the waterfalls, it’s pretty intense! They provide raincoats but let’s face it, everyone gets soaked!
    And of course you have to come to Toronto, it’s the largest city in Canada! Silly. 😛 It’s super tame compared to NYC… there was a line in the show 30Rock where Steve Martin’s character says “Toronto is like New York, except without all the STUFF!” It’s so true. And just think, Toronto is Canada’s LARGEST city! We just have no people here, seriously. Next time you’re in Canada, head over to Montreal, esp the old parts, it’s very different and will probably be more “Canadian”. 🙂


    1. That is such a good description of Toronto lol! I definitely want to see more of Canada though! The canadians were lovely! I’ll have to give montreal a try in the future then! I am always looking for new places to visit!! xx


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