Worth The Hype? – Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation

This post has been a long time coming as I actually got this foundation back in October for my birthday (haul post here if you are interested) but I always got side tracked when it came to writing it! So here I am on a train to Milan, finally getting my act together to write the post!

First things first, it has to be said that I absolutely adore the Charlotte Tilbury makeup line and feel like she has really got the branding side of the line spot on. Everything feels luxurious and high-end and adding items to your collection feels like a real treat! This product is no different, with the frosted glass bottle, baby pink pump and rose gold lid it screams luxury.

This product is describe as flawless, powerless long-lasting coverage with SPF 15 and I would have to agree with that. It is definitely a medium to full coverage foundation that manages to hide a multitude of skin sins! However, if you are blessed with naturally clear skin or prefer a lightweight finish then this is definitely not for you! Although it feels very light on the skin it is definitely more of a layer over the top than blending with your skin. For me, this is perfect for when I’m out all day and night or even when I am just having a bad skin day.

The lasting power of this foundation is very impressive and I have to agree with it’s ‘all-day’ claim! It honestly doesn’t budge! I don’t set this with powder either so I would love to see what it would be like after that too! I find that this looks better on me as the day goes on – when it has had time to settle and some my skins natural oil has blended with it. It looks more natural and flawless when initially it can look a tad too heavy. A little does go a long way with this product, I never find I need more than two pumps to cover my face for the entire day, sometimes that is even a bit too much! I like to apply this with my beauty blender to slightly lighten the coverage but it works well with a buffing brush or something like the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush too!

One thing that Charlotte has really thought about with this product is the sheer amount of shades available. I wear shade 3 which is  a neutral beige for light skin tones with cool undertones and that seems to match me pretty well. There are so many shades to choose from that you are bound to find something that suits your skin colour. This foundation is designed to deal with all sorts of skin issues and conditions and that is why it is meant to have taken a full five years to create and perfect the formula. Sadly this is reflected in the price with a bottle costing you £29.50 which is definitely up there with some of the other high end brands. For me, I do feel like this is worth it as I don’t use this every day so it lasts me a long time and I love the way it makes my skin feel and look.

Overall I am really happy with this product and find it gives me the coverage and slightly matter finish that I just never got when I used her Light Wonder Foundation. If you have any level of problem skin or just prefer a fuller coverage then I would recommend giving this a try but it is definitely not going to be for everyone! Have you tried this foundation? If so what did you think?

Much Love



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