A Rather Belated May Empties & Makeup Clear-out

This month I feel like I have really excelled myself on the empties front and I have also had a little clear-out of some makeup products that are just past their best now. I’ve got quite a few to get through so I’m not going to do much of an intro so sit back and enjoy this months rubbish!!


  • Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation Sample – I got this when I bought the Legendary Lashes mascara as a little freebie. The colour match is great and the sample does last at least two full applications which is great. This however is a little too light coverage for me. I do prefer her Magic Foundation however I know that isn’t for everyone. I wouldn’t buy a full tube of this as I simply don’t have enough good skin days to wear it sadly, however the samples are a nice way of using a lighter weight foundation so I would probably still opt for them at the checkout!
  • Benefit It’s Potent! Sample – I had this from one of the Benefit Favourites gifts at Christmas and I have to say I really liked it. I have used it before but I forgot how nice it was. It’s thicker than the Chanel one I mention a bit further on in this post but still sinks in really nicely and leaves a lovely cooling sensation to the skin.
  • No7 Beautiful Skin Quick Thinking Wipes – These are my holy grail wipes and I love using them as they don’t dry out too much and really remove a good amount of makeup. They are expensive at £7 but if you buy them with one of the Boots £5 off vouchers they are actually pretty reasonable.
  • Estée Lauder Illuminating Perfecting Primer – Tom’s Mum uses this nearly everyday and she suggested I give it a try. It creates a nice glowy base and reminded me a lot of MAC Strobe Cream. It is more of a champagne shimmer in comparison to the quite cool white of Strobe Cream though so may be better for those who prefer a more subtle glow.
  • Maybelline Brow Drama – Transparent – This was just a clear brow gel but I didn’t really feel it did much for my brows. I like quite a strong brow but this could sometimes make it look a bit patchy and separate the hairs too much. I just don’t feel I need a brow gel in general so I won’t be buying another one of these or a different kind anytime soon.
  • The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Serum – I have had this serum before and really liked it. It has a similar effect to my favourite serum, the Clarins Hydraquench, yet is a lot cheaper! I don’t feel like I need this now we are into the summer as my skin is much less dry, however, I will probably pick it up again in the Autumn unless I come into some money and can afford the Hydraquench!!
  • L’Occitane Amande Shower Oil – I love the Almond scent from L’Occitane and their shower oil is just to die for. It is lovely in the bath as it creates subtle bubbles and has a milky style texture. It is also amazing for shaving your legs with and leaves them silky smooth!
  • Caudalie Beauty Elixir – Oh my love hate relationship with this product. If you read my review here then you’ll know that I don’t think it does masses for my skin. However the fact that I have been through two bottles of this shows that I love the scent and I love spraying it on my face! The dilemma over whether to buy another is still going on in my head.
  • The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter – Holy grail balm cleanser by a mile! I have been through 2 tubs of this and I always want to go and buy another! I am going to pick another one of these up as soon as I can as it literally melts my makeup away!
  • Urban Decay Perversion Mascara – I really love this mascara. This is the second tube I’ve been through and I have another in backup for when I have finished some of my other mascaras off. It is great for both bottom and top lashes and creates a nice amount of volume and length. I love it.
  • Clarins Mission Perfection Serum Sample – The sample of this was very small but I found the product to be quite average and nothing too exciting so I wouldn’t spend the money to buy the full size.
  • Clarins One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser Sample -I don’t know whether i’ve tried this before but it was quite a nice way to cleanse and exfoliate in one step! It made things obviously quicker and easier which was great but I don’t think it was particularly wow enough to encourage me to buy the full size.
  • Clarins Instant Eye Make-Up Remover Sample – Another sample that I have had quite a few times now and I always enjoy using it. I also always say I will buy a full size but never have got round to it for whatever reason. It is pricy and I am using a Body Shop version at the moment that is slightly less oily so I will see which one I prefer and
  • First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Oil-Free Mattifying Gel Sample – This was a Sephora sample from my US trip and I thought I’d give it a try. It was nice, nothing special and definitely not worth the price so I won’t be buying the full size!
  • Clarins Water Comfort One-Step Cleanser – I have been through so many of these over the years as they are a great and refreshing way to give your face a quick cleanse in the morning. I haven’t really got the cash to repurchase this at the moment but I will get another one in the future definitely! The peach scent is to die for!
  • Chanel Hydra Beauty Intense Smoothing Hydration Eye Gel Sample – I got this sample back when I went shopping in Harrogate with my Auntie and I have to say I was really impressed! It lasted a full month and a half of use twice a day! Now thats what I call a sample! It’s a little pricy for me at the moment but when I get some money together I will be sure to pick this up in full size as it would last forever!!
  • Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation in 52 Vanilla – I am trying to downsize my collection of bases so if you read my post the other day you will know that this was a bit too light coverage for me. I used it up as the colour was a good match and it set nicely with my MAC Studio Fix Powder but I need more coverage day to day and the finish was just a tad too dewy for me so I won’t be getting this again.
  • Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush Travel Size – Batiste is always my favourite and this blush scent is lovely! These mini sizes are great for handbags or holidays and I will definitely be repurchasing!
  • Keune Color Care Treatment Masque – Tom got sent lots of Keune products at work and everyone made a bit of a mad dash to take some home for themselves. This is one of the items he brought home for me and I really liked it. The scent was great, it was nourishing and it kept my colour looking fresh. If I can figure out where to buy this from I would like to pick it up again in the future!


  • Soap & Glory Solar Powder – This was definitely past it’s best. I had severely hit pan on it but it had got to that stage where the powder had gone hard on the top and my brush wasn’t picking up much pigment anymore. Its also in the old cardboard packaging so it’s pretty much falling to pieces!
  • Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow in Skinny Jeans – This is a product I’ve had for a long time now but I find benefits cream products dry out very very quickly. I have been trying to resurrect this for a long time now and I just have to accept its time to part ways. It’s a lovely grey taupe shade though and is great blended all over the lid for a simple smoky eye!
  • Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow in My Two Cents – This is going for the same reasons as above. This colour is a lovely warm orangey gold though and I am quite sad to see it go! I have had a lot of use out of it though but it’s just too dry to use now.
  • MUA Lipstick in Shade 3 – Since buying Girl About Town, I know that I will never ever reach for this now. I’ve had this a long time now and although it is probably still usable, it’s time to go!
  • MAC Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set in Emphatically Blonde – This is the product I’m most sad about as the colour is just wrong for me. I only bought this 2 months ago but it is way too light for my brows and even my mums. I am keeping it for back to MAC though so I will get something out of it. It is a sad parting all the same!

Phew, that was a long post! I hope you enjoyed reading it and I can guarantee that this months empties will be a hell of a lot shorter! What did you finish up in May? Leave me any empties links below as I love to read them!

Much Love


5 thoughts on “A Rather Belated May Empties & Makeup Clear-out

  1. Hmm… Let’s see. I was planning to do an article like this soon, but I’ll write here some things off the top of my head:
    – La Roche Posay Micellar Water – bottom line – don’t even bother. Bioderma or Ganier are much, much better
    – Better Than Sex Mascara (deluxe version) – I love it but Roller Lash is better for me. I’ll try you’re recommendation (using them together) next time I’ll buy the Too Faced mascara 🙂
    – Ziaja Orange Butter Creamy Shower Soap – don’t know if you have this brand in UK, but if you do, run and buy it. It feels velvety on the skin. It leaves it squeaky clean but it doesn’t feel like you need to apply moisturizer right away (and trust me, after most of the shower gels/creams I feel the need to moisturize) and it smells exactly like oranges. Also they have lots of yummy scents. And it will last you a very long time.
    – Miracle Complexion Sponge from Real Techniques – I didn’t try the original Beauty Blender but I love this one. Already bought another one

    This is a pretty long comment so I’m just going to leave it here 😀
    Have a nice day beautiful!


    1. Thanks Deirdre! I don’t think we have Ziaja but I will try and track it down on Amazon as it sounds lovely! I’ve never tried the Miracle Complexion Sponge either so maybe it’s time I gave that a go too! Have a lovely day too! xxx

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