4 Pairs Of Work Shoes To Take You From Boardroom To Bar!

This month I’m putting on my big girl pants and actually starting my internship! Yep, that means 9-5.30 Monday to Friday guys, I just stepped into the real world and out of my student bubble! Although I am so excited, I was a bit worried about dressing smart enough yet still allowing my personal style to shine through. I might do a few work-based posts in case there are any other graduates or interns reading this but for now, I’m going to stick to everyones favourite: Shoes!

Collage_Fotor.jpgNow I am a girl who loves a high heel and I would rather suffer than wear flats all day every day. Literally I wear some kind of heeled shoe nearly every day to uni and actually get more blisters from my flip-flops and Birkenstocks than anything else! Therefore, corporate world just screamed heels to me so I’ve picked 4 pairs that should cover me for all eventualities. Two of them are very ‘work heel’ in my opinion and two of them are a little bit funky so I feel I have a good mix to last me the six weeks!

  1. The Nude Court Shoe – Now everyone needs a good Nude court shoes for work. They are classic and timeless and something that has been missing from my shoe collection for a while now. The ones I chose are from Dorothy Perkins and they are the Pink ‘Emie’ High Courts (£18.75 Sale price). Unfortunately I bought these just before the sale began, however I did get student discount on them which made them only £22.50 anyway. They have a nice pointed toe and have quite a high heel that is 4 inches. They are leather look and will be nice and easy to keep clean compared to patent shoes! These will be great for wearing with tailored trousers or a brighter dress!IMG_1101_Fotor.jpg
  2. The Black Court Shoe – No work shoe-drobe would be complete without the black court shoe. Although my Louboutins would fit the job perfectly, there is not a cat in hells chance I could survive wearing those all day without having to undergo some sort of foot reconstruction! Therefore I needed to pick up a cheaper pair that would be worn for all those times I need a black court shoe that I can wear for longer than two hours! I picked these London Rebel Pauline Velvet Court Shoes up from ASOS a couple of months ago for some interviews and they were such a good buy! They are a little bit quirky as they are velvet effect but the lower, 2 inch, heel is perfect for walking around in all day! They are also super cheap as they are on sale for only £16 now too! I am going to get so much wear out of these as they will literally go with everything!IMG_1106_Fotor.jpg
  3. The Shoe Boot – I love shoe boots. Literally I wear them most days and my Mum and I own so many pairs between us in different colours and finishes. These Khaki Ankle Wrap Shoe Boots from Next are actually quite different to any other pair we have and are a little dressier which makes them a great option for summer at work! The heel height is about 3 inches but due to the chunky nature of it, it is a lot easier to walk in. The suede effect makes them look quite high end and the tassels show the corporate world that you aren’t a number crunching drone! I think these will look great with dresses or skirts and a top and will keep my feet cool through the warmer months. These were the most expensive of the 4 at £40, however I still don’t think that is extortionate for some shoes (lets not get into the cost of the Louboutins!!!).IMG_1108_Fotor.jpg
  4. The Curve Ball – I like to try new things with fashion and I like to try and establish my own style. I definitely am more of a dresses girl and love to dress up for events. However, I do like to have quirky pieces in my wardrobe that aren’t quite the norm and I think these shoes are as quirky as I could get away with for work. These Leather Wood Look Sandals, again from Next, are so me and as soon as I put them on and realised how comfy they were, I knew I had to have them! The nice thing about these is that the tan sections are actually real leather and the sole is made up to look like wood, making them a little reminiscent of a clog! The stud detailing down the side finishes it off nicely and the chunky heel is only 3.5 inches making them easy to walk in. These came in at a price of £38 which I think is really reasonable for leather shoes. I think these would look great with trousers or dresses and will keep me looking smart yet stylish at the same time!IMG_1103_Fotor.jpg

Those are the 4 staple pairs of shoes I have for my internship, there is likely to be other shoes entering into the mix too but I thought a base of 4 would help me decide on some outfits initially. By the time you are reading this, I will be heading down to Windsor to start my three day training so fingers crossed it all goes okay! What do you think of these? Which ones are your favourite?

Much Love


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