Three Ways To Wear MAC Club!

MAC Club is a well talked about eyeshadow amongst the beauty community but I feel a lot of people are put off by just how blue/green it looks in the pan! I think it sparks horrible reminders of 90’s makeup for a lot of people and sends then running in the opposite direction! Hopefully, by the end of this post you may think differently and if you don’t already own it, you may want to head on down to MAC! I’ve got three different looks for you today using Club and hopefully one will take your fancy!mac_sku_M2593X_280x320_0

MAC describe Club as a satin shade that is red-brown with green pearl and for once, that is quite an apt description of it! The base of this shadow is definitely incredibly warm toned and when buffed out creates a really nice duo-toned effect. It is like the more colourful sister of MAC’s woodwinked in that aspect and that brings me onto to look one and the easiest one of the bunch:

  1. Go Solo! And by that I mean wear it on it’s own! The amazing thing about this shadow is that it is like getting two colours for the price of one. When the shadow is pressed onto the lid, it creates a very blue/green look but when buffed out, it is more of a warm toned brown. This makes it incredibly easy to get an effortless look with one brush and one shadow! I like to use a Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush for this one and use the flat side to pack the colour onto my lid. I then turn the brush to the side and buff the colour out along the outer corner and into my crease. The colour somehow morphs into a much warmer tone and looks like you have been blending colours for ages! I like to bring a little bit of this along the lower lash line too to keep it nice and smoky and add a touch of highlight to the inner corner.FullSizeRender_Fotor
  2. Go Green! Why use a green toned shadow if you aren’t going to have a bit of colour in your look? This one actually is nowhere near as scary as it sounds and looks nice with my blue eyes but will really make brown eyes stand out! You want to pack Sumptuous Olive all over the lid making sure to bring a little across your entire lower lash line too. This shade is perfect for summer and bang on trend whilst still being incredibly wearable. The gold in it stops it looking too green and I would say this is actually one of my most used shades in my MAC palette surprisingly! You then want to get a small fluffy brush and blend Club into the outer V and crease. The mix of these two colours is very wearable and you could really amp it up with some black liner for nights out. You want to blend Club into the outer third of the bottom lash line too to tie the two colours together. As an added touch for a night out, blend a tiny amount of a matte black eyeshadow (Like Carbon) into the outer V, this really smokes it out and takes it from a day time look to nighttime with very minimal effort!IMG_1112_Fotor
  3. Go All Out! To really intensify the shadow, you want to play on the fact that is has such warm undertones. You want to start with a crease brush and use a light to midtoned warm brown matte shade. I used Substitute For Love from the Zoeva Cocoa blend palette but any similar shade will do. Once this was all blended out, I used a darker warm brown matte shade, again I used the Zoeva palette but this time Freshly Toasted, to intensify the crease. We want to really show the contrast between the blue and the brown so I sprayed my brush with Fix+ before packing Club into the centre of the lid. This really intensifies the colour and allows the different pigments to show through. Go back to your blending brush and buff out the edges to ensure a seamless finish between the shades. Take the two mate brown colours onto your lower lash line and line your upper lash line with black eyeliner. I chose to use Carbon eyeshadow for this but liquid liner or kohl would be great too. Add loads of mascara for this look and even false lashes if you can as it would look incredible! I used Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes for this as it is as close as I can get to falsies without actually having to battle to apply them! Don’t forget a touch of inner corner highlight, I chose MAC’s Shroom but any light shimmery shadow would do. You could even use some of your normal highlighter!IMG_1096_Fotor

So there you have it, three different ways that I have found to make amazing looks with MAC Club eyeshadow! I love the colour so much I am thinking I will have to pick up Blue-Brown pigment too for when I really want to pack a punch! What do you think of these looks? Is Club already in your collection?

Much Love


19 thoughts on “Three Ways To Wear MAC Club!

  1. All three looks are so beautiful! Such a nice shade! I have always swatched in store and thought that it wouldn’t work for me so always left it! Definitely will have to get it 💕💕

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