Review: MaxFactor Marilyn Monroe Lipstick Collection

MaxFactor have designed a collection of 4 Red lipsticks based on the style icon Marilyn Monroe with the aim to allow you to find ‘your red’. They have used their colour elixir formula to give a smooth and comfortable finish whilst still packing a punch with the pigmentation! I have never tried any colours from this formula other than these so I can’t compare how the formula feels unfortunately.

I have managed to snag two of the four colours in the shades ‘Berry’ and ‘Cabernet’ so I wanted to share with you my thoughts on them. My first impressions of the packaging were really good, the red is so striking and just having MaxFactor written in gold is really sleek. I’m so pleased they didn’t decide to play on the fact the are based on Marilyn Monroe as it could have looked a bit tacky. This way it’s nice and sophisticated like she was!

These lipsticks each retail for £7.99 but they are on three for two at the moment so you could snag three for only £15.98! When you compare that to the fact one limited edition lipstick from MAC (Like the red I bought from the Vibe Tribe Collection) is £17.00 you really are getting good value for money!

The formula is somewhere between an amplified, a cream sheen and a frost. It is highly pigmented yet comfortable on the lips; leaves a slight sheen and some shades have a very tiny hint of shimmer in. Please don’t let the shimmer put you off though as it is incredibly subtle and hardly noticeable on the lips! Of the two shades I own, only Cabernet has shimmer in. The shimmer in it almost reminds me of New York Apple which is very similar in tone too with the deeper berry red vibes going on!

Berry is actually not very berry at all and is in fact more of a light to medium pinky red. To be honest, I really like it as it is nothing like any shades I already own and is a very day time appropriate pop of colour! I would say that it definitely comes off different to how it looks in the bullet though so make sure you give it a good swatch before you buy incase it’s not what you are looking for. The lasting power of these is also pretty good, they aren’t matte so they aren’t going to stick around forever, but for a more comfortable ‘sheeny’ lipstick they last pretty well on the lips. I currently have had cabernet on for nearly three hours, i’ve eaten and drunk and it still looks lovely on. Slightly more subtle but still a very clear wash of colour. That’s pretty good going in my eyes!

L-R Berry, Cabernet

I would say I’m really happy that I picked up these two lipsticks. It does make a nice change from MAC and they are definitely more affordable. MaxFactor says there is a perfect shade for everyone so it’s always worth a try! I would like to try the other two to see if they are more ‘me’, but I am really pleased with these two. Have you tried these out? Do you like the idea behind the collection?

Much Love


6 thoughts on “Review: MaxFactor Marilyn Monroe Lipstick Collection

  1. What a cool concept! The packaging looks really nice and it’s different to have a range specifically dedicated to red lipsticks, it would make swatching so much easier as they’re all from the same range and if you like the look of one over the other you only have to remember the name x


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