Review: Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation

You all know about my love of Rimmel bases by now. If you read my post dedicated to bases, it’s clear that both the BB cream and their Match Perfection foundation are some of my favourites of all time. Now the other week, my favourite ever Facebook Page, 10 Ways to Have More Money as a Student Without Working, posted about a glitch on Amazon. The glitch was that when you spent £10 on makeup, you got £10 off. Yes you read that right, £10 of makeup for free!! Now the glitch was very hit and miss but it did work with this foundation (Which is actually only £7.99) so I got it completely free! I’ve tried it out this week and I thought I’d let you know my thoughts.

The first thing I loved about this is that the colours are exactly the same as with the Match Perfection so it was easy for me to instantly find the right colour for me. I am the shade 100 Ivory which is absolutely perfect, in fact it’s one of the best matches I’ve ever had! The colours transfer exactly the same on the skin too so that was a big plus for me!

The packaging itself is actually identical to the Match Perfection, however the lid on this one is red not blue. They are both in glass bottles which some people find difficult for travel, but personally they have never bothered me at all. The consistency of this product compared to the Match Perfection is slightly thicker, however I did expect this as this is marketed as a heavier and thicker foundation compared to the lightweight skin appearance of Match Perfection.

The coverage of this one is really really great, it is slightly more than MP but not heavy or cakey in the slightest. It does a pretty good job at covering blemishes yet still manages to look like skin. I also found this to be quite hydrating and incredibly blendable and it applies beautifully with my beauty blender! It’s lasting power throughout the day is pretty good, definitely not 25 hours as the packaging claims but it survives a full day at work which is what I need. It claims to be sweat, heat, humidity and transfer proof and although it is pretty good, it definitely isn’t resistant to these elements! I have just swiped my finger across my forehead and there is definitely some transfer, not a huge amount but definitely some.

Taking all this into account, I am pleased with this foundation. The price point is excellent and the blendability and colour match cannot be faulted. In my opinion, Rimmel really do knock it out the park when it comes to foundations and bases in general and this was no different, however I feel like I enjoy using MP more and the overall finish is nicer despite being slightly less coverage. It does make a nice change though and it is definitely a foundation I will continue to use.

Have you tried this foundation? What did you think of it? What are your favourite Rimmel products? Leave me suggestions in the comments as they are by far my favourite Drugstore brand!

Much Love


6 thoughts on “Review: Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation

  1. I tried a sample of this foundation and I really liked it! I definitely need to pick up a bottle! Such an amazing glitch that was on Amazon, you got a great deal there haha!

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  2. I got a sample of this foundation with the added comfort serum (white lid I think) and I received the shade 100 Ivory which was ever so slightly too dark. I absolutely love Rimmel’s Match Perfection though but I may try out a full size bottle of this providing I can find my shade 🙂


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