Worth The Hype? – Charlotte Tilbury Swish & Pop Blush

Charlotte Tilbury is a brand that I’m sure you all know I love. The quality of the products and the packaging make them feel so luxe and I feel a little bit like a princess when I use them! For today’s post I thought I’d review her Swish & Pop blush in the shade Love Is The Drug. It’s actually something I’ve had in my collection since my birthday last year but I’ve never got round to reviewing it so today is the day! 

As always, I’ll start with the packaging and as with all Charlotte Tilbury packaging, it is beautiful. It is a sleek glossy burgundy packaging with a giant mirror inside surrounded by rose gold. In other words, it’s very chic and luxurious!  

Inside is two different colours of blush. One more subtle and lighter shade on the outside  and the other is a darker and brighter “pop” shade in the centre. The idea is that you sweep the swish (lighter shade) up onto the cheeks and the “pop” shade is dabbed onto the centre of your cheeks to create a natural looking flush. 

The pigmentation of this blush is absolutely off the charts. The tiniest dab is all you need to get great colour pay off. I’m quite heavy handed with my blush so I do have to be a bit careful when applying this, particularly as these shades are more vibrant than some of the others. I would really like to try the shade Love Glow as it is a touch more natural! The consistency of these powders is lovely though, they aren’t the slightest bit chalky and blend beautifully. The lasting power is also very strong and you can still see the blush at the end of the day which is great when you are working or at uni all day! 

The only tiny downside for me is the price. £30 for a blush is a lot of money and definitely out of a lot of people’s price range! The one thing I will say is that you hardly use any product with each application so this will last an absolute age! I’ve used mine quite a few times and barely made a dent! 

Have you tried this blush or any of the other shades? Would you spend £30 on a blush? 

Much Love 


21 thoughts on “Worth The Hype? – Charlotte Tilbury Swish & Pop Blush

  1. I’ve been interested in trying this blush. I can’t find it anyone to test though. A lot of people really spoke highly of the new mascara but I later heard it ran really bad. Have you tried that product yet?


      1. LOL. I live in Arizona! My mascara will run before I get out of the bathroom in the morning. I can’t even imagine what would happen to me if I wore this on a hot day. I’d probably be so humiliated I’d have to quit my day job! LOL. One of my really good friends bought this and she was horrified. What was really bizarre was no one was talking about it! I couldn’t understand that. I knew if it was happening to her, it had to be happening to more people.

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  2. I’ve been eyeing these! I’m gearing up for another CT counter visit in advance of my birthday. I want a palette, possibly a blusher and their contour brush. And yes, I would spend $50 CAD (that’s how much it costs here) on a blush such as this because you essentially get TWO shades! 😛 (That’s how I justify it anyway lol)


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