The Busiest Saturday!

I fancied changing it up a bit today and thought I’d share a lifestyle post for you! I just felt like writing something a bit different as I was having a bit of a mental block and I was thinking back to a Saturday at the start of June (The 4th to be precise) and I just thought I’d share the amazing things I got up to that day with you!

So first things first, it was an early start. I know, not impressed. However, this was all for a good cause as I was doing the Race For Life Pretty Muddy 5K up in Leeds! Now I’m actually from the Midlands so Tom and I drove up the night before to stay at my Grandmas and didn’t get there until about 11pm so we avoided the traffic on the infamous M1! A 7am wake up call was not what I needed! However, I met my Auntie and Cousin and some of my family and their friends and off we drove to start the race.

About halfway around and still not looking too bad. 

Now if you aren’t aware of what the Race for Life is, it’s usually a 5 or 10k run which is only open to women with the aim to raise as much money for cancer, specifically breast cancer, as possible. It has increased in popularity so much over the years as it is a more ‘manageable’ distance for us non-runners and the idea is you can walk, jog or run so there is no pressure! There are women of all sizes and abilities taking part and the aim is to have fun and raise money in the process! Now the Pretty Muddy version is slightly different and incorporates obstacles along the course and mud…lots of mud!

That evil man threw muddy cold water at me.

I am a complete clean freak when it comes to dirt and there is even a picture of me at a festival cleaning my nails with a toothbrush thats how bad it is, so this was really stepping out of my comfort zone. Now my cousin and I both have asthma and I haven’t done cardio in about 5 years so we decided to walk it with a casual (short) burst of jogging in between and this was a really nice way to do the course in my opinion. Along the way there were numerous obstacles such as an army net to climb and mud baths to crawl through leading to the final and most muddy obstacle, the mud slide! I managed to get all the way to the last obstacle still looking quite fresh but once I went down that slide, god, there was no resurrecting my appearance! I’m going to add quite a few photos to this post so you can have a good old laugh at my expense but it really was so much fun. I think I have raised just over £100 in total which is slightly lower than I wanted but I couldn’t put my all into fund raising as I only finished my exams a couple of days before. If on the off chance you have a couple of pennies spare and still want to donate anything then please feel free to use my link hereIMG_0928

Above: With my Cousin Lily!  Below: The final muddy result!

So after I had got home and had a good long shower, it was time for the second adventure of the day! Tom and I got in the car and drove an hour and a half to Manchester to go and see Coldplay live at the Etihad Stadium! Now I have been to see many bands and artists in my life but I have never seen a HUGE band, nor have I seen anything at a HUGE stadium so this really was a first for me. I honestly don’t think I can put into words quite how amazing it was to see them live! Now I have been a fan of Coldplay for a really long time now and they’re one of the few bands I think appeal to the widest audience. To be in the same open air stadium as them, surrounded by other fans on a beautiful summer evening was something I will just never ever forget. The actually played for a massive two hours and covered everything from their first ever song (when their concert had 2/3 spectators) to their latest hits and it was fantastic! I feel so lucky to have been able to go and I would say that if you ever get the chance to go and see them, just forget the money and do it as it’s such a special experience! By the time Tom and I got into bed just after 2am, we were shattered and we in fact flew to Italy just over a day later so it was a hectic few days all around but so so worth it!IMG_0935

Sky Full of Stars!


I hope you’ve enjoyed this slightly different post and it has either inspired you to take part in the Race for Life or go and see a big band (I.e Coldplay!!).

Much Love


4 thoughts on “The Busiest Saturday!

  1. What a busy day you had! Well done on doing the run! I can imagine it must’ve been amazing to clean all that mud off once you were finished haha! Also, seeing Coldplay later that day seems like a nice reward! I would love to see Coldplay live, they seem amazing, I was sadly on holiday when they were on tour here but hopefully another time!

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