Review: NYX Priming & Setting Sprays

Until recently I didn’t own anything from NYX and now I am the proud owner of 4 items! I know, huge amount but I’m still sussing out the brand but so far so good! As a treat for starting my internship, Tom bought me the priming spray and the matte setting spray. These had been on my wish list for a while and as I wanted to compare them to Smashbox photo ready primer water and MAC fix+. I’ve been using them as a duo, like I do with the other two to make it fair and here are my thoughts so far…

Comparing the packaging, the NYX sprays are pretty cheap looking! You also can’t see how much product is left which really frustrates me! However, the spritzers are really fine and create a lovely most across the face whereas Fix + can sometimes blast you right in the face! 

Price wise, there is obviously a significant difference! Both the NYX sprays are £7 for 60ml. The Smashbox spray is over £10 for 30ml and Fix+ is £10 for 30ml. So you are getting double the product for almost half the price, bargain! 

The good news is, I feel like they work just as well as a duo as the high end pairing! My makeup lasts better throughout the day and looks fresh not powdery. The primer leaves my skin feeling nice and smooth but not greasy or silicone like. I love the spray applicator too as I hate rubbing more products into my face! 

The truth is, whether you are on a budget or not, these are definitely worth a try. I’ve not tried them separately as I like using them together but the only thing I would say against them is that I use fix+ with eyeshadows too so it is more multi use than a mattifying spray but nevertheless they are still good value for money. The matte spray is definitely more of a satin finish but I hate matte matte skin anyway so this works well for me. I’d love to try the dewy finish spray next and Urban Decay All nighter is high on the to try list too! For now though I am more than happy with these goodies! Have you tried any of these sprays out? If so what did you think of them and which were your favourites? 

Much Love


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