Cult Beauty’s Most Wanted Beauty Box! 

I don’t buy regular beauty boxes as I often see reviews each month and think that I’d be disappointed if I’d received that. For that reason I only tend to buy one off boxes when they really catch my eye and boy did this Cult Beauty box catch my eye! The idea behind it is that three of the products were fixed and three of them were customisable meaning that you could make the box more personal to you! Here’s what was in the box: FIXED PRODUCTS: 

  • Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm (50ml) and Cloth (£38 for 100ml so shall we say £19?) – I have wanted to try this product literally forever! I love cleansing balms and this is the holy grail for many youtubers! I’ve only given it a try once so far and it is very scented, however it’s nice and herbal/refreshing so I don’t mind it! It also came with one of her cloths which are very plush compared to normal muslin cloths and is actually more like a big cosy flannel! So far so good! 
  • Pixi Glow Tonic (200ml) (£18) – another holy grail product I have wanted to try for years now! It’s a acid toner that helps to keep skin looking clear and bright, something mine is in desperate need of! It does smell a little chemically but if it works I’m not fussed! 
  • Alpha H Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF 50 (50ml) (£29) – I’ve never tried anything from Alpha H but I know Caroline Hirons is a fan of the brand so that must mean good things! I love the fact it’s a tube but with a pump and it’s not too strongly scented! I tried it out today and it was lovely and lightweight and my makeup went on beautifully afterwards! Although I probably don’t need SPF 50, my face is definitely in need of some sun!!


  • Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick (£16) – I have heard so many great things about these liquid lipsticks and I was actually spoilt for choice for the colour! There were four to choose from: Patina, Beso, Dolce and Bellissima. I chose Patina which is a mid tone dusky pink! A bit like Brave and Mehrs love child! The colour is gorgeous and the formula and applicator are lovely! It is very matte so I may have to add a touch of gloss over the top but I’m so happy I get to try this out now! 
  • Ouai Smooth Shampoo (300ml) (£22) – this actually isn’t a brand I’ve heard of before, however I love trying high end shampoos and conditioners as my hair really needs a better quality product and regular shampoos and conditioners make it look horrendous! I do have a slight natural fuzz to my hair so I’m intrigued to see what this does to it! You could also have picked the clean, repair or volume shampoo! 
  • Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed (£32) – I think I really have saved the best till last here! This was by far the product I was most excited about! I have always wanted to try a Becca highlighter and this colour appealed to me the most. I’m sure there will be a full review on this but in the meantime, just wow! You could have also chosen either Moonstone or Pearl but I felt pearl was too white and moonstone was also just a tad too pale. 

The price for this box was £95 which does seem a little high but when you consider the value inside is around the £140 mark its a pretty good saving! I feel like I’ve got great value for money as 4/6 were products I’ve been dying to try and the other two are high end products that I may end up loving so it’s great! I also love that everything is full size or in the case of Emma Hardie a very deluxe travel size! You can still buy this box from Cult Beauty so if you like what you are make sure you grab it! 

What do you think of this box? Did you buy it? What is your favourite product? 

Much love 


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