Worth The Hype? Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm! 

A cult blogger favourite, Emma Hardies Moringa Cleansing balm has seemed like the stuff of legends to me over the last few years and I’ve been dying to try it out myself! With the likes of Caroline Hirons being a big supporter, I had very high hopes for this! The only thing that has put me off buying this was the price, for £38 for 100ml it seems a bit princess worthy, however I finally got my hands on it in the Cult Beauty box and I can finally let you in on what all the fuss is about and whether it’s worth the hype! 

As always, I’ll start with the packaging! It’s a lovely sturdy round jar with a matified metal looking lid with the initials E H embossed onto it. It also had a little stopper that you can pop over the product to stop it drying out which is handy! The only thing I would say is that the lid doesn’t always screw on properly which is a bit annoying but not the end of the world!

The product itself is quite a thick balm that has a very strong and distinctive scent. I would imagine the scent is due to it having orange, mandarin and neroli essential oils in. I am actually a big fan of the scent, it smells lovely and refreshing but is not too overpowering. It does feel quite like a spa at home! 

The product claims to cleanse deep into pores, plump and soften the skin, moisturise and remove all traces of makeup. Now, every other cleansing balm I have tried leaves some amount of makeup still on my face, even if just a tiny amount. However, this one really does remove every last little scrap. I would say that this is down to the nice plush cloth too. I was so happy we got a cloth in the box as I feel like when used together, they are a bit of a dream team! 

The cloth is more like a really soft fluffy flannel but is abrasive enough to get rid of all the pesky little bits of dirt! One thing I like about this duo is that it doesn’t feel like it’s tugging at my skin and I feel like I need to use less force which is always a plus – no premature ageing for me! 

Over all I am really happy I’ve got my hands on this, it has put my fear of missing out at bay for the time being! I’ve just read that this can actually be used as a face mask so I am intrigued at how effective it is at that too! However, if you are short on cash, this isn’t a life or death product, there are definitely cheaper alternatives to this such as The Body ShopCamomile  Cleansing Butter. Both products leave no residue on the skin and take off makeup in a flash, however Body Shops is only around the £12 mark so under a third of the cost of Emma Hardies however this definitely feels more luxe! 

Have you tried this cleansing butter? What did you think of it? Would you spend £38 on a cleanser and face cloth? 

Much love 


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