5 Random Favourites of July! 

I always post about beauty or skincare but always fail to mention my love of … Well everything else! So today’s post is a short and sweet one on five non-beauty things I’ve been loving lately! 

  1. The Great British Sewing Bee – lovers of GBBO may be aware of its crafty sister, but if you’re not what have you been doing with yourself? GBSB is set in a similar format to GBBO yet contestants have to work their sewing magic to create fabulous outfits instead of cakes and pastries! I am a semi-crafty person so I loved this and it has been a series Tom and I have watched together for the last 4 years. It has got better and better over the years and this season has been my absolute favourite! Make sure you check it out on BBC iplayer as the series is over now for another year! 
  2. Amazon Kindle App – I am a huge reader and I never ever thought that I would turn into someone who reads off a device rather than paper. However, as a student, it is just so much cheaper and I have adapted so well and it’s incredibly handy for on the go! I always have about eight books in my library to keep me satisfied and it’s so much lighter for holidays! Today, I am actually getting my first ever Kindle delivered!! I am so excited and will probably give you the low down in a future post!
  3. Adele 25 – I have been doing so much driving during my internship so far and I like to have a CD that I know I can sing along to. This one is fantastic for belting out some horrendous sounding tunes whilst driving down the M1 and has surprisingly been very uplifting and good at waking me up in the morning! 
  4. Walking JJ – an odd favourite perhaps but a good one nonetheless! I love getting some fresh air and having a play with the pup at the same time! It’s a good form of light exercise (which I am in desperate need of) and gets me out the house rather than slobbing! 
  5. Instagram – this is by far my favourite social media app and I love the friendly people I have met through both my blog account and my puppy account for JJ. It’s so nice to see pictures from likeminded people and I am definitely more interested in pictures than statuses! 

There’s a few things I’ve been enjoying recently! What non beauty things have you been loving? What do you think of my choices? 

Much love 


P.s I picked this picture of JJ as it’s definitely been one of my favourites this month! His lips dry out and stick to his lips when he’s been asleep and he looks like he’s grinning!!

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