Lets Talk Acid Toners!

So I have been studying Caroline Hirons’ blog over the last few weeks and something that she talks about frequently are acid toners. These are a chemical method of exfoliating your skin that doesn’t dry it out and isn’t too abrasive. I’m always looking for ways to brighten and clear my skin so I thought it was about time to try them out and fill you in on what I thought!

I’ve tried two different acid toners over the last couple of weeks. The first is the Nip & Fab Glycolic Fix pads. These are textured cotton pads that are soaked in a acid based solution for easy and quick application. I love how easy these are and surprisingly they don’t dry out in the tub either! A little tip I learnt from Caroline is to store your tub upside down, that way any excess solution drains to the top pad and when you come to use it, you have a particularly soaked pad rather than a drier one! I use these at night before my hydrating toner and I really like using them. The scent isn’t too strong and they only cost around £8 for 60 from Boots so they are definitely affordable!

The second one i’ve tried is the infamous Pixi Glow Tonic! This came in my Cult Beauty box but I have actually tried it before! This is a more expensive option at around the £18 mark but hopefully it will last a reasonable amount of time! I soak a cotton pad in the toner and use it in the morning, again before a hydrating toner. It’s not quite as quick or travel friendly as the pads but it really is no bother at all. In fact Pixi are bringing out pad versions of this product later on this month I believe so I might have to give those a try in the future for added ease.

So have I seen a difference in my skin? The short answer is yes! I have noticed a huge different in the blackheads on my nose, they have considerably diminished and the pores are more closed. I do find that in general my skin looks clearer and brighter and generally more healthy. I have had a couple of spots appear but they have clearer faster or come to a head faster at least. I have also found that the occasional dry patch I used to have has gone and my skins texture and general appearance is much more even and consistent than it used to be. I am really happy I have introduced acid toning into my skincare and it’s something I plan to keep using daily as I think the effects will continue with use.

Have you tried acid toning or either of these products? Did they work for your skin?

Much love


7 thoughts on “Lets Talk Acid Toners!

  1. I’m all about AHA! I use a weekly treatment from Paula’s Choice. It’s really effective – whenever I use it, my skin just glows the next morning! I’ve been wanting to try the Pixi Glow Tonic for ages but it’s not available in Canada.

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  2. I’ve recently picked up the Nip + Fab ones and they are my first experience of using an acid toner. They are great, I’ve really seen a difference in my skin texture and it definitely looks brighter! Xxx

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  3. I love both of these! The nip and fab ones are amazing and like you I have yet to see a dry patch since i started using! Definitely try the nip and fab extreme pads which are for once a week use, they’re amazing as well! Great post xx

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