MAC Stylist’s Tip Lipstick!

If you read my haul post last week, you’ll know that I picked up a few new MAC lipsticks and one of those was the gorgeous Stylist’s Tip. This lipstick was just released as part of their Fashion Pack collection along with 3 other quite bold colours! It’s such an unusual colour that I had to write a post dedicated to it and I plan to do a look with it in the future so keep an eye out for that!

MAC describe this shade as a ‘deep violet’ and that’s probably not too far off actually. It is very bold and very bright but doesn’t have too much white in it! The idea behind the collection was regal, jewel-tone couture and I think this shade sums up those words completely! The purple is surprisingly very flattering and even more surprisingly very very wearable!

This is an amplified finish so it really packs a punch with the colour, but is still very comfortable to wear all day. The thing I love about this shade in particular, is that when it fades it actually leaves a lovely stain on the lips that is slightly more pink toned than when you put the lipstick on originally. It actually looks so different that Tom asked why I had changed my lipstick colour! This means it’s pretty long lasting too, something that doesn’t alway happen with Amplified shades! I’ve included a swatch below for you so you can see the colour in all it’s glory!


I’m not sure whether this shade is limited edition or not but I would say if you are looking for a purple then pick this up while you can in case it’s not around for long! Would you like to see a face of the day post with this shade? Do you have any amazing purple lipstick shades? What do you think of this one?

Much Love


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