Worth The Hype? – Benefit Gimme Brow!

Benefit Gimme Brow is something that has been talked about in the beauty world for a long time now but it’s something I have never tried! When I saw that Glamour magazine were giving away a travel size of this product with this months magazine, I knew I had to pick it up and give it a try!

The product comes in a variety of shades but I had the option between 1 and 5 when buying the magazine. To be honest, I need the shade 2 but I opted for 1 to give it a try and see if it’s worth the hype! This is a bit too light so detracts a little bit from the product itself as I like my brows to be quite a statement.

I love the new packaging that benefit has brought out and I think its so quirky without being cheap looking. It is also clear that they have put a lot of thought into the actual brush and that is definitely the best thing about this product. It is a really teeny tiny tapered brush with actual bristles rather than being plastic. This means that it captures nearly every hair, even ones you didn’t know you had! It does also distribute the product really nicely throughout the brows and simultaneously tames any strays! It’s definitely a good product for those on the go who want to add a bit of colour and keep brow hairs in place at the same time.

This product retails for £18.50 for the full size and in my opinion that is really too expensive for a brow gel! I know it is a bit of a multi use product but for me it isn’t worth that much money, simply because it doesn’t work as well as Benefit’s Brow Zings or Goof Proof Brow Pencil. This would make quite a nice finishing off product for brows or for the tail of the brow, but for me it leaves too many gaps in my brows still and is a bit natural looking for me. I love a good strong brow and this just isn’t the product for that. If you just want to enhance your current brows slightly whilst adding a touch of colour then this would be perfect for you but for me it’s just not strong enough. I’m going to use it over my current brow products as a bit of a finisher but I don’t plan to use it on its own again as it’s too subtle.

What do you think of this product? If you want to give it a try, make sure to pick up Glamour magazine for only £2!

Much Love


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