The Lipstick Edit: Muted Purples & Pinks

I started swatching my lipsticks the other day and thought I’d start a little series that’s split into the best colours i’ve found from different colour categories. Today marks the start of this little series and I’ve kicked it off with muted purples and pinks! Theres everything from high end to budget so you’re bound to find something that will suit you! Here’s the best of the bunch in order (left to right) of the picture:

  • NYX Cannes Soft Matte Lip Cream – This is quite a matte option and is probably the most warm-toned of the bunch. It is a good formula for the price of £5.50 but can be quite drying so you may need a lip gloss over the top if you find mattes too uncomfortable. The pigmentation is great and the application is so easy, it’s well worth the money! I’ve written a whole post on the formula of these lip creams here so make sure you check it out.
  • MAC Mehr – I go through phases with this lipstick where I either wear it all day every day or forget about it completely. It is such a lovely lipstick and not too matte. It works well with No7 Plum lipliner and has great lasting power. It also isn’t too drying but it is more expensive, coming in at £15.50.
  • Rimmel Vintage Pink – In my opinion, Rimmel are the absolute best drugstore beauty brand. They really knock it out the park when it comes to combining amazing products and amazing prices. This is one of the Moisture renew range and is incredibly comfortable to wear. It is one of the most nude shades of the lot but does pull more purple on the lips which I love. This is so moisturising yet still gives a lot of pigmentation. This comes in at only £6.49 which is an absolute bargain for the quality. It does have quite a distinctive smell so if you aren’t into heavily scented products, this may not be for you.
  • MAC Amorous – This is one of my most recent lipsticks and I absolutely love it. It is the darkest of the selection but it’s so comfortable to wear. It is a satin finish rather than a matte like Mehr so it is slightly less drying. I don’t find I need a lipliner for this one which is great. It is again £15.50 so it is up there in terms of price but it is a great transitional shade for day to night!
  • Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Patina – I got this as part of my Cult Beauty box and I was dying yo try it. It is a gorgeous muted pinky purple shade and the applicator is great. It is incredibly drying though, the most drying out of all of them. I find I need a touch of lip balm or clear gloss on the top to make it comfortable, but the colour is absolutely stunning. It is so flattering, particularly on light to medium skin tones. At £16 it is the most expensive but it is worth it for the colour in my opinion.
  • MAC Brave – Hands down the most used of the bunch. It is my go-to shade if I’m not sure what to wear and is so comfortable to wear as it’s a satin finish. I’ve never finished a MAC lipstick but this is the closest i’ve come so far. It comes across quite pink on me but is still incredibly flattering. Of the three MAC lipstick I have included here, I would probably recommend this the most as it is just so wearable.

There’s 6 different recommendations for muted pink and purple shades there for you. These are perfect for every day as they go with a lot of different eye looks but can also be dressed up for the evening which is perfect. I’d love to know what you’re favourite muted pink and purple shades are, let me know in the comments.

Much Love



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