Worth The Hype? – Becca Opal Highlighter

So last month you might remember me picking up the Cult Beauty Most Wanted Beauty Box which included the infamous Becca Highlighter. I was able to pick which shade I fancied and despite being torn between Opal and Moonstone, I decided to opt for Opal as it was a slightly darker, more golden shade. I’m going to share my thoughts on all aspects of this product today including formula, pigmentation, colour and packaging to let you know whether its worth the hype!

Firstly, the packaging is something that I don’t love or hate. In my opinion, it’s just average. It does have a good click to the lid to ensure that the product doesn’t open unexpectedly which is good but it is a of a weird choice with the rubberised edging and metal look top. I’ve not quite decided whether I like it or not yet but it’s not the be all or end all of this product. For £32 you get 8g of product which is very expensive for a highlighter, and compared to my MAC Soft & Gentle, which is £24 for 10g, it does seem like you aren’t getting too much product for your money either which is frustrating. IMG_1519_Fotor.jpg

I do love this formula though and if we are continuing with the MAC Soft and Gentle comparison, it is definitely more finely milled than MAC’s offering and less ‘chunky’. I never had a problem at all with Soft & Gentle, however I do prefer the formula of this one as it feels more ‘buttery’. I hate it when YouTubers use the word buttery but there really is no other way to describe this, it almost feels like a cream it’s that silky soft! The only thing with the formula being so soft is that Becca’s highlighters are renowned for smashing as the formula is so soft, this would definitely put me off taking this away with me later on this month which is a real shame.

As you would imagine with a shade name like opal, this is a really beautiful colour! Becca describe it as a golden, peach-toned opal shade which is really very apt. It’s not at all frosty like Becca’s pearl but it’s not as golden as champagne pop. For my skin tone it’s absolutely perfect as it doesn’t look too dark or too light. For lighter skin tones moonstone might be better or pearl if you like that crisp white highlight look; for darker skin tones rose gold or topaz would probably look a little better. Having said that, I do think opal is a good all rounder colour as I think all skin tones (with the exception of very dark or very fair) could make it work! The pigmentation is pretty incredible to be honest and a little does go a very long way with this one. To be honest though, all highlighters are meant to be pretty pigmented so they can pack a punch so I would have been very disappointed if it hadn’t been. I do love using this as an eyeshadow, particularly when sprayed with fix plus, it looks insane!

Overall I am really happy I have this in my collection and I will continue on using it. However, I was expecting to be blown away and although it’s very good its not earth shattering and for £32 I would have expected to be thoroughly wowed! If you are keen to try a Becca highlight then definitely give this a go as it’s beautiful but if you are wondering whether to splurge the money to try it then I would definitely say you can find cheaper alternatives or go and swatch it first as I might just be not very easily impressed!! As you can see from the swatch below though, the colour of MAC’s Soft & Gentle & Becca Opal are very very similar, the only difference being that Opal is slightly more golden.

L-R MAC Soft & Gentle, Becca Opal, Becca Opal With Fix+

Have you tried this highlight or any of the other Becca highlights? What did you think? Would you spend £32 on a highlighter?

Much Love


14 thoughts on “Worth The Hype? – Becca Opal Highlighter

  1. I keep spotting the Becca Opal Glow On The Go on Cult Beauty and I’m so tempted to pick it up. It’s £20 for a mini powder and liquid highlight and after your swatches I’m even more tempted. I already have Champagne Pop so I know I love the formula, and I want more!

    Sophie x | Essential Twenty

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I had my eye on that for absolutely ages and was going to get it until I saw this in the box! I think that one is good value for what you’re getting. I always see champagne pop online and think it looks great then when I saw it in Space NK it was VERY gold! What do you think of it? xx


  2. Such a pretty highlighter! Personally, I don’t think I could justify that price for a highlighter unless it was outstanding and earth shattering like you mentioned. Great review! xx


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