Review: MAC x Brooke Candy Witching Hour Lipstick!

This review is so not summer appropriate but I just love this lipstick so much I had to do a post on it for you today! The lipstick we are of course talking about today is the MAC x Brooke Candy Witching Hour lipstick! I managed to get this in the sale at MAC for £11.20 I believe but check your local MAC as they may still have some in stock!

The formula for this shade is matte which is one of my favourites for bold colours. It means they sit better and don’t budge as much. There’s nothing worse than having a bold lipstick that is smudged everywhere! Not the statement you want to be making! I find this particular matte to not be too drying which is good but it can go on slightly patchy so you need to apply a couple of coats and either use the matching Brooke Candy lipliner or, like me, use MAC’s Nightmoth pencil.

MAC describe this colour as a ‘rich purple’ and temptalia says that ‘it’s a bold, deep purple with cool undertones and a natural sheen’ and I completely agree with both of these statements. It can come across slightly blue in some lights but I believe that that is due to the cool undertones. The ‘natural sheen’ that temptalia talks about could potentially be the reason that it applied a little patchy to the lips as it’s not as dry as other mattes and is a little bit slippy to apply.IMG_1523_Fotor.jpg

I have found it surprisingly easy to create looks using this colour, I have either gone for natural eyes and used the lips as a statement, or picked similar undertones for my eyes so it all ties in nicely. Having said that, it’s not a colour for the faint-hearted and confidence is the key with this one! It also isn’t for everyone, Tom absolutely hates it but my friend who wears quite neutral colours, said she loved it on me so it’s a very love/hate colour!IMG_1524.jpg

Finally, the packaging for this is just incredible. It’s in the typical MAC bullet shape but it’s a chrome effect with black and grey paint splatter shapes on it. Personally, I absolutely love it and think it’s really edgy yet still quite simple. It does pack a punch on the dressing table and looks really chic.IMG_1521_Fotor.jpg

Did you manage to pick this up? Would you wear a colour like this or do you think i’m crazy?!

Much Love



6 thoughts on “Review: MAC x Brooke Candy Witching Hour Lipstick!

  1. You can totally pull this off! I’ve been seeing people just normally walking around wearing non-traditional lipstick colours like navy and teal, but it just WORKS. I’m too conservative for it, I suppose!

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