Top Tips For Taking Your Dog To Shows!

Friday marked JJ’s 6 month birthday and I honestly cannot believe how fast the time has gone! Having never had a dog before I wanted to completely throw myself into dog ownership life! As you know we’ve been to puppy class and we also recently passed our Kennel Club Puppy Foundation Good Citizen Award so we are very proud of JJ. One thing that has always interested me is the wonderful world of Dog Shows! Having not been a sporty child, I have never had the opportunity to really enter any competitions and win rosettes despite always wanting to. Not quite knowing what to expect, we decided to take JJ to a dog show to see what it is all about and it’s safe to say I’m hooked. They are such a fantastic way to meet other dog owners, different breeds of dog and socialising with other dogs has completely boosted JJ’s confidence! Its also a nice day out (if the weathers nice!) and your doggy gets some exercise too! Here’s a few tips I thought I’d share with you in case you fancied taking your dog along to a show:

  • Make sure to take all the usual doggy necessities: Poo bags, treats and plenty of water and a bowl as you may be there a while!
  • Take plenty of coins! I guarantee you, you will spend more money than you planned to but it’s great as everything goes to charity.
  • Start with low expectations! – We all think our dog is the best and it can be really disheartening when they aren’t deemed ‘the cutest’ by the judge but if you go with the plan to enjoy the day then anything you may win is a nice bonus!
  • Play to your dogs strengths! – Clearly JJ is a puppy still and has the serious cute factor, so his strength are obviously the cutest puppy round. He does like to wear his little bow tie collar for events to really pull at the judges heart strings!
  • Go with someone else – It’s much easier if you have a partner in crime to help you look after your dog, it keeps the dog nice and calm and ensure everyone has a fun day!
  • Don’t forget the sun cream! -Tom and I have burnt on two separate occasions now and a red owner is not a good look!
  • Know when your dog has had enough! – JJ is quite lively so he can keep going most of the day and sleep in the car but some dogs tire much more quickly and when that happens, it’s better for everyone to take them home. The first show we took him too was incredibly hot and he was getting very tired and a tad overwhelmed so we took him home early and it was definitely the right decision to do.
  • Make sure you keep your dog entertained! – There can be some waiting around so why not have a run round with your dog or play fetch so they keep enjoying themselves. We take JJ to the fastest recall stand so he can have a really good run and stretch his legs. He loves it!
  • Ask questions! – If you are having any problems with your dog or just need some advice, use this time to ask! There are so many experts there or more experienced dog owners that someone will be able to help you out!
  • Have fun!! – It’s not meant to be serious so just enjoy yourself but be warned, they are very very addictive!

I hope you enjoyed this fun little post. Going to shows with JJ has been a great way to help us bond and I love chatting to other owners. I’m not going to lie, it’s also lovely to bring home a few rosettes! It also ensures your furry pal with have a good nights sleep!! Have you taken your dog to a show? Make sure to check out the kennel club website to find companion dog shows near you!

Much Love


P.s don’t forget to follow JJ on instagram: @JJ_The_Jug

4 thoughts on “Top Tips For Taking Your Dog To Shows!

      1. Yes! He is fluffu as can be. I got him a new puppy shampoo and he is looking extra bouffant at the moment, like a Lion! He is a sable coloring. I have been meaning to do a fun little post about him, he never holds still for photos!

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