Worth The Hype? – Urban Decay Moondust Palette!

The other week Lauren and I went to a ladies night at a local restaurant as it was sponsored by Urban Decay, Shiseido and Aveda. For £15 we got a pizza and a glass of bubbly and access to all the lovely beauty ladies advice. They also were very generous and if you spent £50 you got £10 off so you were actually only spending £40. Naturally this was an offer we took good advantage of and by doing so you also got a goodie bag which was great! I picked up two items, the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray which will be being reviewed tomorrow and the brand new Urban Decay Moondust Palette!

If you haven’t been to an Urban Decay counter for a while, you may not be aware that they do a formula of eye shadows that they call Moondust. These are very creamy feeling powder eyeshadows that are intensely pigmented and glittery. Their latest palette launch features 8 different shades of this shadow in one handy and amazingly glittery palette. This is about as opposite from the Naked palettes as you can possibly get as a lot of the shadows are very brightly coloured which was something new for me. When I saw the palette online I wasn’t that bothered by it but in person it was 100% love at first swatch! I wanted something new and exciting to shake up my makeup collection and allow me to experiment a bit more and this is certainly the item to do that!

The palette retails for £35 which is £3.50 less than the Naked palettes but doesn’t feature a brush and  has 4 less shadow shades inside. I did think initially that you got more shadow in each of the Moondust pans but you actually only get 0.7g of product per pan as opposed to 1.3g per pan in the Naked palettes. This is slightly annoying seeing as you are getting less colours and no brush but only paying fractionally less money! Then I wondered whether the individual Moondust shadows were more than the regular Urban Decay Shadows but no both kinds of shadow are £14 for 1.5g of product so this is a disappointing price point for Urban Decay and I wish that had lowered it to £30 to make it a more representative price for what you are getting! I don’t feel quite as bad as with my £10 off split across the products I paid £30 for this so actually I paid what I think it it worth.

Now we’ve got the price issue behind us, lets talk about the amazing shadows that are inside! IMG_1569_Fotor.jpgFrom top left to bottom right we have:

  • Specter – a shimmery baby pink, great for the inner corner highlight
  • Element – a mid-tone pink in some lights and a burnt orange in others
  • Magnetic – a true purple with slight blue flecks
  • Lightyear – a bright teal green
  • Granite – a gold with black undertones
  • Lithium – not quite a true gold but definitely brighter and more golden toned than granite
  • Vega – a bright cobalt blue
  • Gravity – a beautiful deep blue with almost black undertones to it but lighter blue flecks

All of these shadows swatch beautifully as you will be able to see below and their intensity only increases if you add water or fix plus when using them. To be honest, this is how I prefer to use them as they do have an insane amount of fall-out due to the chunky glitter element to them but they are definitely worth it for the magical sparkly effect they give!IMG_1415

I know a lot of people are thinking that these aren’t easy to wear everyday but I beg to differ. I even managed to wear mine to work the other week, toned down with lots of soft brown matte shadows. If you let the eyes do the talking and keep the rest of your face fairly neutral, then these can work day or night. I think my personal favourite is lightyear, pressed over the top of MAC Club, this looks magical and so so pretty! I think the beautiful thing with these shadows is that they are just so versatile and can be used in a multitude of ways. I know this palette won’t be for everyone but if you love glitter or just fancy adding a little more colour into your makeup then give this a go as it really is amazing and the intense glittery packaging is just the best thing I have seen! IMG_1567_Fotor.jpg

Have you tried the Moondust Palette? Is this something you would consider picking up?

Much Love



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