Worth The Hype? – Grounded Coffee Scrubs!

These scrubs have really hit the beauty world by storm and have been the feature of many a blog post recently. I’ve been planning to get my hands on one for a few weeks now to see what all the fuss is about, so when I saw it in my Glamour Beauty box I was so pleased! This is a generous sized packet although there is no weight on it as it is a ‘sample pack’. The flavour I got was chocolate orange which would have been the one I would have picked anyway so that was great! I do love a good exfoliator but I can just simply forget to use them so I want a scrub that I love so much it encourages me to use it regularly!

Firstly, the packaging! I do like the packaging and I think it’s really modern and different to other products, however, a paper packet for a product to be used in the shower?! What a ridiculous idea! I left my packet outside the shower and grabbed some product half way through but it still need up getting a bit soggy, not ideal! The packet does have a re-sealable top, however the product gets stuck inside so it’s a bit pointless as it doesn’t shut. Potentially they would be better with a laminated style packet or even better, a tub!

The scent of the product is actually really lovely! They’ve hit the chocolate orange nail right on the head without it being too sickly or fake smelling. It’s almost like smothering Terry’s Chocolate Orange on your legs! However, be warned that as this is coffee based, when you add warm water, the smell does transfer to a strong coffee smell rather than chocolate orange. I like coffee and the smell is just to die for but this one felt a bit cheap. Think nescafe instant granules not freshly brewed Italian coffee!

The product itself is nice and gritty and does exfoliate your body well. The main dislike for me is that it is incredibly messy. I mean this got absolutely everywhere! It was in all the grouting in the shower, the bottom shower tray turned a muddy brown colour and the bag spilt all over the shower mat as the seal doesn’t work! I know this is the unique idea of the product, that it is a ‘loose exfoliant’ not based inside a cream or a gel, but there is a reason this hasn’t been done before and that is simply because it just is not practical! I had to use tiny amounts at a time to try and get this to stick to my body and even then it just went EVERYWHERE! I also find that the cream or gel that normal exfoliators are mixed with is actually what keeps your body moisturised at the end and as there was a lack of this, my legs did feel a little dry after use!

The final point that really got to me about this product was the fact that you’re meant to leave it on your skin for 10 minutes! 10 minutes?! Have you ever tried to keep dry coffee granules on your legs for ten minutes?! You obviously can’t keep the shower on as it just washes straight off so they expect you to stand there freezing cold and wet in the shower with coffee on your legs for 10 minutes. Honestly one of the most ridiculous ideas ever!

There are some lovely points about this scrub, the scent and the branding are great, however I think they are just trying to be too different in terms of there product and in my opinion it does quite work. It’s safe to say my experience wasn’t great and I won’t pick up a full size, which retails for £15, after my packet  has ended which is a shame as I desperately wanted to love it! I think Soap & Glory’s exfoliators are great as a budget option or if you really want to treat yourself, try the Laura Mercier ones which are heavenly!

Have you tried this scrub? What did you think of it?

Much Love


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