Urban Decay Naked 3 Dupe?!

I have been a lover of the Naked 3 palette ever since I first got my hands on it. It is an incredibly wearable and flattering palette, particularly for fair ladies like myself. The one downside is that it is just so expensive! I believe the price has gone up to £38.50 which does make it a very high-end item and so I set about finding a dupe that I could share with you all to see if there was a cheaper alternative! Cue Mummy Beauty Files who conveniently brought home the Maybelline Blushed Nudes Palettes in her shopping which only costs £9.99! I thought I’d put the shades to the test today to see if there were any good dupes and how the formulation competed!

Each palette has 12 shadows in and some of them are very obviously incredibly similar! If we start from the lightest shade in the Naked 3 palette and work our way across to see if there are any similar shades in the Blushes Nudes (BN) palette:

L-R: BN vs Strange; BN vs Dust; BN vs Limit; BN vs Mugshot; BN vs Trick

UD Strange – This is a light matte creamy shade that is great for under the brow bone or a subtle inner corner highlight. The top right shade in the BN palette is the closest match in terms of tone but this does have shimmer in so it’s not an exact match and may be a touch shimmery for the brow bone.

UD Dust – This is a very glittery light pink colour that has quite big chunks of glitter in. There were no chunky glitters in the BN palette but the second shade on the top row is the closest shade in terms of tone. To be honest I think I prefer that one better than the UD as the chunky glitter sadly doesn’t give off a lot of pigment whereas the BN shade does!

UD Burnout – A slightly darker pink shade. No dupe for this one sadly!

UD Limit – A muted pink matte shade. There is a very obvious dupe for this in the BN palette. This is the shade second from the right on the top row. They are almost identical in colour and tone and the pigmentation was pretty great too.

UD Buzz – A mid tone rosy pink glitter. The closest dupe in terms of tone is definitely the shade second from the right on the bottom row in the BN palette. Despite not being ‘glittery’ it is a lovely shimmery shade and the colour match is pretty good!

UD Trick – This is a really interesting rose gold glitter! There is a lovely rose gold shade on the left hand side of the bottom row of the BN palette. When swatched the colours are pretty close but again the glitter can’t be matched.

UD Nooner – A darker muted mauve matte shade. This is probably one of my most used shades in the palette but sadly there wasn’t a dupe in the BN palette.

UD Liar – A mid tone rose gold shimmer shade. This is an incredibly flattering colour and although there wasn’t a direct dupe there was a slightly similar colour but it matched another colour a bit better so I included it with that instead.

UD Factory – A pink toned taupe that has a shimmer finish. There was no dupe for this in the BN palette.

UD Mugshot – This is a slightly more brown version of liar and matches the shade I was talking about earlier better. The shade is the top right shade in the palette and has a really good colour pay off. The match isn’t exact but it is pretty close!

UD Darkside – This is a lovely taupe/grey and I use this for smoking out the outer corner or using along the lash line. There is a pretty good dupe for this one in the form of the second shade from the left on the bottom row. I would say the BN shade has a touch more shimmer!

UD Blackheart – This is one of the most interesting shades in the Naked 3 palette in my opinion it is a black shade with red glitter flecks running through it. The bottom right shade in the BN palette is clearly a great dupe for this and the swatches were pretty impressive. Potentially the BN shade was more pigmented!

L-R BN vs Darkside; BN vs Buzz; BN vs Blackheart 

You do get four slightly different shades in the BN palette, these are a light shimmery gold/silver shade; a baby pink shade with a slight shimmer; a beautiful rose gold/taupe shimmer shade and a more grey shimmer shade. All the shades are beautiful nonetheless and have AMAZING pigmentation. As you can see from the swatches, the BN shades swatch beautifully and very pigmented! I think the pigmentation is actually slightly better just looking at finger swatches with the drugstore palette than the high end one which I was really surprised about. They do have quite a bit of fall-down though as they are a bit more powdery.

In terms of the packaging there is one clear winner and that’s Urban Decay! The metal tin-like casing is much more aesthetically pleasing and robust than the flimsy plastic of the Maybelline palette. The Naked 3 also comes with a nice handy mirror whereas the lid of the BN palette is simply clear which in my opinion is a bit pointless! Finally, the Naked 3 comes with a really great double ended brush which has a flat end for packing colour on and a fluffy end for blending. The BN palette sadly has a pretty poor offering for a brush with one end a foam applicator and the other a rather pathetic excuse for a brush that is too small to do anything with!Collage_Fotor.jpg

Overall verdict: 

If you haven’t got £38.50 to spend then definitely try the Blushed Nudes palette, the pigmentation is great and the price point is so much more affordable! However, the Naked 3 does have a wider variety of finishes and slightly more unusual colours that just swing it for me. You are paying for the name and the packaging but I like to have a good mirror and brush included with my palette so it is worth it in the aspect for me. I would say the Blushed Nudes is a better options for beginners or a starter makeup kit as it has a handy diagram on the back that tells you which colours to combine and where to put them which is so so useful for eyeshadow novices! The palette is also designed into ‘quads’ that are meant to be used together and the tones of those are really lovely. But if you are the kind of person who would continue to lust after the Naked 3 regardless then just wait and save up as it is a really lovely palette to have in your collection and has a lot of very unique shades in!

Do you have either of these palettes? What do you think of them? Would you opt for the high-end of the high street?

Much Love


10 thoughts on “Urban Decay Naked 3 Dupe?!

  1. I don’t have either of them but the comparison is great – definitely nice to have affordable options now that aren’t pigmented and good quality. I don’t own a single UD Naked palette! 😛

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