Ms Flow Monthly Box Review!

I went to the Notts Alzheimers Meetup on Saturday and alongside lots of other goodies I managed to snag during the event, I managed to win a couple of prizes in the raffle. I am going to do a whole post on the event and some of the other bits from it, but today we’re focussing on one of the raffle prizes I won and that was one of the Ms Flow Monthly Boxes!

Ms Flow are a subscription service that deliver a box to you just before your period each month. Each box is meant to help get you through the ordeal that is mother nature and help you be as comfortable and relaxed as possible. The box contains a good mix of the essentials: tampons & pads or whichever is your preference. It also includes other little goodies that are either edible treats to just satisfy that chocolate craving or miscellaneous beauty items to make you feel a bit happier!

The price depends on how heavy your period is so you can select how many tampons and pads you would require to cover your period.Light Flow costs £12.99 plus £2.95 p&p;
Regular Flow costs £13.99 plus £2.95 p&p and Heavy Flow costs £14.99 Plus £2.95 p&p. It definitely isn’t the cheapest service around but you can cancel anytime as long as it is at least seven days prior to your next delivery.

Inside the box (which was the May box) I got:DSCF9621_Fotor.jpg

  • 1 variety bag of tampons with about 8 in in total.
  • 1 variety bag of pads with again about 8 in in total.
  • A lovely little lilac candle in the scent Mediterranean Fig.
  • 1 sachet of Clipper Instant Hot Chocolate
  • 1 Yogi Tea Bedtime Teabag
  • Fudge Kitchen Double Trouble Chocolate Fudge
  • 1 Cura-Heat Patch
  • A tube of TIME BOMB Cleanse & Buff Mini Cleansing Facial
  • 1 Bar of Strawberry & Marshmallow Soap from the Milk Bar Soap Company
  • Bellapierre Cosmetics Champagne Shimmer Powder

As you can see, it’s quite a rounded box that I received. For me, the box was pretty much paid for by the Bellapierre Shimmer Powder (£12.99) and this was by far the most exciting product in the box! The colour is stunning and can be used on the eyes or as a face highlighter! I’m not a candle person but the Fig scent was surprisingly light and the hot drinks and fudge are always a nice addition! I love hot chocolate but I’m not really a tea drinker so I’ll be intrigued to see if I like the tea! I have always used the cure-heat packs if I have an ache or pain so that’s a nice addition to the box for me! Naturally I am most pleased with the beauty side of the box, I am looking forward to trying the cleanser and the soap smells delicious!

Overall I think the box is a great idea, particularly for busy working women who want something practical delivered to their door each month in time for their period along with a couple of nice treats for themselves. Personally I couldn’t see myself purchasing this subscription as I do think it’s a tad overpriced for what you get. It was nice to see a full sized beauty product in it though and it’s nice to try different brands of tampons and pads but I usually just stick with the ones I like or buy whichever’s the cheapest at the time. I’m not that fussy! I feel like the best target market for this box would be young girls who are just starting their periods, a treat like this each month would be a welcome surprise and would also encourage them to keep track of their periods! So any mums of young daughters, I would definitely encourage you to check this out and there was a coupon code in the box for 30% off your first box with the code SPECIAL30.

I just wanted to say a big thank you to Ms Flow and the team for donating this box to the raffle, all the money raised from it went straight to help sufferers of Alzheimers and helped make us all more aware of the condition. I was very grateful to be able to try this box out and I won it on just the right day to make the most of it thankfully!! Have you tried a subscription service like this? Do you think it’s something you would consider using in the future?

Much Love


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