Last Saturday (The 20th August FYI) I went to my first ever blogger meetup which was in Nottingham and I thought i’d share with you all how the day went and what I received in my goodie bag! The event was run by the lovely Ellie from UniqueLoveStyle and was attended by myself and six other lovely bloggers to make it small but incredibly friendly setting! I had the best time and can’t wait to go to another meet up, my friend and fellow blogger, Nicola and I are thinking of potentially organising our own so if you are in the Midlands, or can travel to the Midlands, let me know if you’d be interested! I will list all the lovely bloggers with links to their sites at the end of this post if you’d like to check them out!

The setting for the event was a lovely little deli/cafe in Nottingham called Edin’s which I had actually been to before. It’s set in quite a quirky part of town called Hockley where more of the unique, standalone shops are situated. We had the back room to ourselves which was lovely and the place was surrounded in candles which was just gorgeous! On each of our chairs was a lovely goodie bag and we all sat down to try and decide what we fancied for lunch that day. As we were looking at the menu, Ellie told us all about Alzheimers UK, the main reason we were all there that day. Sadly, Ellie’s grandad passed away from Alzheimers and since then she has tried to raise more awareness of the disease by becoming a Dementia friend and also running this event. Something which I personally found very inspiring! We learned more about what we could do to help and there was then the opportunity to buy tickets to the raffle with all money going to Alzheimers UK. It was a bit of a win win really for me as the money was going to a fantastic cause and you were also in with a chance to win an amazing prize!

We ordered our food before the guest speaker came and all got round to introducing ourselves and just generally having a good natter, something that I absolutely love doing!! I was sat next to my friend Nicola and a new pal Lora but we were all pretty close and really got to know each other. Finally, food arrived and it all was amazing! I settled for the soup and a big bowl of chips but there were other tasty looking dishes such as risotto and gnocchi! I also had some strawberries and cream for pudding as I have such a sweet tooth!

After the meal we were introduced to our guest speaker for the event who was a lovely representative from the brand Weleda. Weleda was a brand I’d heard of but not had much to do with in the past so I found it very interesting to hear all about their values. I didn’t realise that their products are organic so everything inside it is grown and not made and many of their products are even vegan, with the exception of things including Bees Wax. The main product we talked about was the skin food which is one of their most famous products. This is an intense moisturising cream that can be used in a multitude of ways and even has celebrity fans such as Victoria Beckham. We each got a 30ml tube inside our bags which was incredibly generous so I can really give this a good try!

Speaking of the goodie bags, it’s probably time to tell you what we got inside as Ellie had done a fantastic job getting donations from some great brands! Although this post is not sponsored, I am going to link to each of the brands sites to say a little thank you for donating to help such a worthy cause! Here’s what was inside:DSCF9624_Fotor.jpg


  • Witch Daily Primer & Clearing Serum
  • Spectrum A04 Brush
  • Fullips Lip Enhancers
  • Collection Eyes Uncovered Nude Bronze Palette
  • Merumaya Mud Mask, Toner & Cleansing Balm Samples
  • Virtue Sparkling Energy Water
  • Esocare Coconut Oil
  • Weleda Skin Food and Body Wash Sample
  • Body Fantasies Body Spray
  • Koya Body Scrub
  • Ms Flow Candle (Not Pictured)
  • Georgia Lee Candles (Not Pictured) – I couldn’t find a link for this unfortunately!!

As you can see, the goodie bag was incredible and the brands Ellie managed to get involved with the meet up were great! I was so so impressed and surprised at what was included as I didn’t realise brands would be so generous for blogger meet ups! Ellie didn’t stop there as she also organised a raffle for us all to get involved in. Tickets were £5 each and the entirety of that money went straight to Alzheimers UK which was brilliant! I bought two tickets and believe it or not, I won on both – something that never ever happens!! Here’s the two prizes I won they will have their own little review post to go into more depth. One should already be up and the other will be coming shortly!

Ms Flow Subscription BoxDSCF9623_Fotor

Spectrum Brushes & Merumaya Gift BagDSCF9627_Fotor.jpg

As you can see, I was a very lucky girl and I was also very grateful to meet some incredibly talented and inspiring ladies! As promised, here are the links to the other ladies that were at the event, I have linked Ellie’s blog at the beginning so these are the others for you:

Nicola from itsneecola.com

Sherry from sherryscribbles.com

Lora from Youtube!

Sarah from entirely-sarah

Nishah from Ramblings of a Devoted Tea Drinker

Make sure you check them out and give them all some love! I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and check back each to day to see another new post as I’m doing pretty good as this every day blogging malarkey at the moment!!

Much Love


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