Review: Benefit Ka Brow & High Brow Glow Pencil

If you read yesterdays post, you’ll know I made a sneaky little trip to the Benefit counter in Boots the other day. I wanted to try out some of their new brow products as their Brow Zings has been one of my favourites for absolutely years now! The lovely sales assistant tried out Ka Brow on me as she said it’s like Brow Zings but packs more of a punch and she guaranteed me I’d like it. A high statement but she wasn’t wrong! I also picked up the High Brow Glow pencil and I thought I’d share my thoughts with you today on how I’m finding them!

Firstly, let’s talk about Ka Brow! This is a brow pomade in a little pot with a diddy eye brow brush included in the lid. This is a genius idea and is great for space saving when you are travelling (which I am right now as you are reading this!). There are plenty of colours to choose from but I got the shade 2 which gives me a nice prominent brow without looking too scouse brow!! The pot looks quite small to begin with but I expect this to last me quite a while as Benefit products are renowned for lasting ages and ages!! The one thing that has impressed me the most with this product is the sheer lasting power! Seriously, it lasts all day and looks as good when I come to take it off as when I put it on first thing in the morning. My brows also stay in shape throughout the day and the hairs are all tamed so this is an ultimate winner in my eyes! I have found that Benefit cream products dry out reasonably quickly in the past so I’m hoping the same can’t be said with this product but only time will tell with that one!

The other product I picked up was the High Brow Glow, something that I didn’t think I’d need or use. I’m not really a brow bone highlight kind of girl as I have always found them too strong, however, this is such a beautiful subtle glow and I am in love! The formula of this pencil has been changed and it is now the softest, most creamy and blendable formula you could wish for! The colour I picked up is the golden shade but they do also have a pinky toned shade. A little goes a very long way with this and I have used it every day for a week and I haven’t come close to sharpening it once! It’s definitely a product worth trying out as it is unlike anything else I have tried over the years!

Overall, I am thoroughly impressed with Benefit’s brow offerings! I am still not bowled over by their Gimme Brow but everything else has been great! Brow Zings is still a firm favourite and Goof Proof is the most handy product ever but for the time being these two newbies are sticking in the makeup bag as they make my brows look amazing! Have you tried either of these products or anything from the Benefit brows range? What do you think of them?

Much Love


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