Worth The Hype? – LA Girl Pro Conceal!

The stuff of American Beauty lovers dreams, LA Girl Pro Conceal is a bit of a mythical product for us UK beauty bloggers. However, a tiny little shop in the town centre has started to sell some of their products and I basically ran there to pick up one of the concealers! I wanted to see if it lived up to the mass hype around it and let you know if you should make the effort to track one down!

Firstly, there is a pretty wide shade range. I wear the colour porcelain which is light enough to highlight under my eyes but not too stark white that it looks fake or a little creepy! There are also colour correcting shades which could come in handy and much darker shade which is good for ladies of all colour skin and also would be good to contour with if you were lighter! At only £4 it is also quite a bargain and is accessible for everyone!

The applicator is a brush on the end of the tube and personally I really like these. I know there are lots of people who moan about whether they are hygienic or not but I really like them! It helps me to accurately apply my concealer and also begins the blending process before I go in with my trusty beauty blender! The tube seems to have a lot of product in for the price and a little also goes a very long way with this meaning it won’t run out too fast hopefully!

The formula itself is reasonably thick but not as thick as concealers in a pot such as Benefit’s Erase Paste. It does, however, blend in incredibly easily which is great for under eyes! It isn’t too drying and doesn’t crease any more than other concealers do on me. The finish is somewhat of a satin which is one of my favourites as I’m not a dewy concealer kind of girl and I find matte formulas crease too much on my skin and cling to the dry patches. I have had no such effects with this product so I am really happy that a) it’s such a bargain and b) it actually lives up to the hype that’s surrounding it!

I know you can get this product on Amazon so I would definitely recommend trying it out as it is a really great budget product and everyone likes those! I may try some of the other shades for colour correcting or contouring in the future but for the time being I can’t see myself being without this for a while! Have you tried this concealer? If so what did you think?

Much Love


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