The Lipstick Edit: Nudes

A little bit further apart than I had planned, but here is the second instalment in my Lipstick Edit series and this time we’re talking about nude shades! I’m not really a nude lipstick wearer, favouring something bolder and more dramatic instead. However, there is a time and a place for a nude lipstick so it’s always nice to have a few in your collection. Here are my top 5 ranging from taupe-nudes to peachy-nudes!

  • MAC Shanghai Spice – This was the first MAC nude shade I bought and I have worn it to death! It’s actually my most used after Brave! It’s a gorgeous peachy nude in the cream sheen formula which means its a nice glossy option! It’s perfect for spring and summer as it just looks so fresh!
  • MAC Modesty – Potentially my favourite nude shade that I own as it’s a lovely taupe/brown/muted pink nude. This is my mum’s favourite of all my lipsticks too as she borrows it whenever she goes away or wants a nude lip on a night out. It’s such a gorgeous colour and again is nice and glossy as it’s a cream sheen but actually packs quite a punch in the pigment department too!
  • MAC Kinda Sexy – This is another peachy nude but it’s a matte formula so it lasts longer on the lips and has stronger colour payoff. This is a nice one to wear when you have warm toned shades on your eyelids! It’s a really creamy matte and is so comfortable to wear all day long!
  • Charlotte Tilbury Very Victoria – The latest nude edition to my collection, this shade is quickly becoming a firm favourite! This is a similar tone to MAC Modesty, but is a matte formula and ever so slightly more brown! I would say this is more of a satin finish but nonetheless it’s very comfortable and lasts reasonably well too! I like this with No 7 Nude Lipliner to amp it up even more!
  • Charlotte Tilbury Bitch Perfect – I got this as part of the Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick Charms set at christmas. It’s part of the K.I.S.S.I.N.G range which are a more glossy formula than her mattes, I would liken them most to MAC Amplified finishes! This is a nice light nude with peach undertones but is very comfortable to wear and so easy to apply!

    L-R Shanghai Spice, Modesty, Kinda Sexy, Very Victoria, Bitch Perfect

As I said, I’m not really a nude lipstick wearer and find that peaches and taupe/browns tend to suit my skin tone better and I can’t wear anything too light or too pink as it just washes me out. I wear all of these shades regularly and would recommend them to anyone else who’s not really a nude lipstick lover! What are your favourite nude shades? Have you tried any of these shades?

Much Love


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