A Little Beauty Bay Haul!

Today my Beauty Bay haul finally arrived and I couldn’t wait to share with you what I picked up! This is going to be the last makeup treat for a while as I’ve been spending loads this summer and need to reign it in a bit!! I only picked up a couple of things but I am so excited about them all so I was so excited when they landed on my doorstep!

  • Morphe Brushes 12 Piece Black and White Travel Brush Set (£19.75) – I’ve been wanting to try some of the Morphe Brushes for ages now, in particular the eye brushes. This set has a good range of eye brushes but also a couple of face brushes too so I get a good chance to try them out. There are some lovely crease brushes and also some lid brushes so I should be able to get good use out of these! The bristles remind me a lot of the Zoeva Brushes and I love them so I am optimistic!
  • Violet Voss Glitter in Marlee (£7.25) – This glitter really caught my eye as I haven’t seen anything like it before! It’s a gorgeous chocolate brown shade that looks gorgeous from my research online! I feel like this will be something I get a lot of wear out of. I did actually do a look with this today and posted it over on Instagram so I’ll pop a picture in here:IMG_1737If you want to see how I created it in more detail then let me know and I’ll do a Face of the Day style post!
  • Violet Voss Glitter in Coppertini (£7.25) – Annoyingly not on beauty bay anymore, I bought this to go over the top of MAC’s Copper Sparkle Pigment! Its that similar warm, orange tone that looks amazing with blue eyes and will amp up warm toned makeup looks when I want a touch more sparkle!
  • Violet Voss Glitter in Galaxy 3D (£7.25) – Again sadly this isn’t online any more and is definitely the most crazy item I bought! It’s a much chunkier silver glitter that reflects all different colours! This was a bit of an impulse buy, but I think it will look good with the right makeup! I may need to play around with this for a bit to make sure it doesn’t look tacky!

So just four items for todays haul and I don’t plan there to be any more hauls this month as I’m restricting my spending a little bit! I’m so excited to play with all these new goodies and I will be sure to create some looks with these for you all! Make sure you check out my instagram as that’s where I post most of my looks first!

Much Love



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