The Palette Tag With Lauren!

So my friend Lauren and I sat down together and decided to create our own palette tag! Now I bet some of these have been done before but I have never seen one so all these questions were thought out over cocktails! We decided to discount our MAC custom palettes that we made as they could come into a lot of categories but everything else is fair game! Please feel free to use this tag and questions, I’d just like a little link back to this post if you do!

What is your favourite High-end palette?

Lauren: Anastasia Modern Renaissance

Molly: Urban Decay Vice Reloaded XX

What is your favourite lower-end palette?

Molly & Lauren: Hands down Zoeva Cocoa blend! It is to die for!!

What is your favourite palette that’s under £10?

Lauren: Makeup Revolution Flawless palette

Molly: Collection Eyes Uncovered Palette – it’s got some good Naked palette dupes in it and the pigmentation is really good!

What is your biggest palette regret?

Lauren: Urban Decay Naked 3 – I just don’t reach for it!

Molly: The Clarins eyeshadow palette – It’s nice but just not as nice as many of my others so I never reach for it and it wasn’t cheap!

What is the most expensive palette you own?

Lauren: MAC Warm Neutrals Palette – I bought it before the price dropped so I paid £65 for it!!

Molly: The Urban Decay Vice Reloaded palette – it’s £43 which is pretty pricey!

What is your most used palette? 

Lauren: Urban Decay Naked 2 – I tell Molly she needs this all the time!

Molly: The Zoeva Cocoa Blend palette! This has some really good colours in, especially mattes for the crease!

What is your most out-there palette?

Lauren: My new Urban Decay Electric palette! There are some really bright colours in there!

Molly: The Urban Decay Moondust palette as the colours are quite bright but they are also so glittery!

What is your most versatile palette?

Lauren & Molly: Urban Decay Vice Reloaded – It has everything from cool shades to glitters to bright colours and even neutrals! You can make so many different looks with it and never be bored!

Which palette would you like to use more?

Lauren: The Urban Decay Electric – I’ve played with it a few times but I want to come up with some more looks!

Molly: The Urban Decay Smoky palette! I absolutely adore it and the colours are gorgeous so I really need to start reaching for it more!

What is your best palette to travel with?

Lauren: Urban Decay Naked on the Run. It has a blusher, bronzer, eyeliner, lipgloss, mascara and plenty of eyeshadow shades so it really narrows down what else I have to take!

Molly: Charlotte Tilbury Vintage Vamp Quad. It’s so small but has some beautiful shades in and I really like travelling with it!

What is your favourite palette to look at?

Lauren: Anastasia Modern Renaissance

Molly: Urban Decay Moondust

What is your best neutral eyeshadow palette?

Lauren: Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette

Molly: Stila Eyes are the Window Mind Palette – So many good matte shades! (Review to come!)

What is your all time favourite palette?

Lauren: Urban Decay Naked 2 – I wear this all the time and I love it!

Molly: Zoeva Cocoa Blend – It is amazing value for money, the pigmentation rivals high-end brands and the colours are to die for!

What was your latest addition?

Lauren: Urban Decay Electric – I bought it at the Urban Decay event the other week.

Molly: Stila Eyes are the Window Mind Palette! I only bought this a couple of weeks ago and it’s gorgeous.

What two palettes are top of your wishlist?

Lauren: Sadly you can’t get it any more but I really want the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette and I also want to custom make my own Make Up Geek eyeshadow palette!

Molly: I am desperate to get my hands on the original Too Faced Chocolate bar palette and the Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette as the colours look beautiful and I have heard rave reviews from Lauren. I have put them both on my birthday list for next month so fingers crossed!

I hope you liked this slightly different post! Let me know if you do it too as i’d love to read other peoples answers! If you would like to see an eyeshadow palette collection post then let me know! What is your all time favourite palette?

Much Love


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