A Little Smashbox Event and the new Be Legendary Lipsticks!

Last night I headed off to my local Boots with Lauren for a small event that Smashbox were holding! It was to celebrate the launch of their new lipstick range, Be Legendary, and we also got the chance to meet Alex Steinherr who is the Beauty Director at Glamour magazine! We also got a couple of goodies and the chance to try on a lipstick so I thought I’d let you know what I think!

Firstly, Smashbox are coming out with 140 new lipstick shades (sounds a bit similar to the new Urban Decay Vice Launch!!) in every single shade imaginable! I tried on Bank Rolled first which is a black in a cream finish and I have to say I was so disappointed! The pigmentation was appalling and it didn’t come across as a black lipstick at all, just a really patchy worn off grey! So, second time lucky and this time I tried Punked which is a matte deep grey shade. The pigmentation was miles better and it did fair a lot better than the creams which wore off within about half an hour. However, it was still a very slippy texture and appeared a tad patchy. So all in all it’s safe to say the lipsticks didn’t impress me that much sadly! Especially seeing as they are £17.50 which is more than MAC and I would choose MAC over these any day!

We did get a little goodie bag on the day though which was a nice little freebie! We got some lovely cherry lips sweets, a little sample of the infamous Smashbox Photo Ready Primer and a good sized sample of the new L.A. Lights Blendable Lip & Cheek colour. I got the shade Beverly Hills Blush which is a lovely pink colour! All these goodies came in a good sized Smashbox makeup bag that has lips printed all over it which is absolutely adorable and something I will use constantly!

Finally, Alex was absolutely lovely! We got to take selfies with her and chat to her about makeup and I was pleased to hear that she did maths and economics at university and still ended up in beauty so there’s still hope for me yet guys! Overall the event was a nice, quick and chilled one and a good chance to meet fellow beauty junkies. Have you tried anything from Smashbox? What are your favourites?

Much Love


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