Review: Stila Eyes Are The Window Mind Palette!

So if you read my palette tag the other day, you may have heard me mention my latest palette addition which is the Stila Eyes Are The Window palette in the shade selection ‘Mind’. This palette retails for £30 and consists of 12 matte eyeshadow shades ranging from a creamy white to a nice dark almost black colour! I had a £25 Amazon voucher so this only ended up costing me a fiver and as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to have it!IMG_1629.JPG

The packaging is something I could take or leave, it’s a small square that has a silver shiny top and a gold bottom. Personally I would a) have preferred the top and bottom to be the same colour and b) it not to be that shiny material as my finger prints get all over it! Having said that, it’s a really nice size and features a good size mirror inside the lid so I can get over the rest!

Image From Beauty Bay as mine is already COVERED in fingerprints!

The shades themselves are absolutely stunning! There is a really good mix of tones and something to suit everyone. The shade that drew me to this palette the most is Perception which is a warm brick red colour that just called to me on so many levels as I love a warm eye look! To be honest, I have used every single shade apart from the bottom three light ones on the left hand column as I feel they are very similar. However, the creamy white shade, Brilliance, is such a good base shade to cover your entire lid in and everything else I’ve put on top has blended like a dream! I’ll include swatches of all the shades below:

From Bottom-Top: Brilliance, Imagination, Genius, Understanding, Instinct, Observation, Wit, Perception, Reason, Thinker, Creativity, Intellect.

The pigmentation of these shadows is really really excellent, although some of the lighter shades didn’t finger swatch that well, the pigmentation on the eyes is some of the best I have seen with lighter shadows! As you can see there is a really good mix of cool and warm tones to ensure that you have a matte colour for every look. Instinct is a lovely blue-grey colour that looked gorgeous with some blue shadows I was trying out! I would say these are quite a powdery formula – when you dip your brush into the palette, there is a lot of powder, however I haven’t had any fallout when applying these to the eyes as long as you blow off the initial excess first.

Overall my first step into Stila eyeshadows has been a good one and now I want to try more! I think I am just going to buy a single of the infamous Kitten as that’s the one I want the most! I love this palette so much and it’s so versatile that I don’t think I’m going to need the new Urban Decay Naked Basics palette so that’s a bit of a win too! Have you tried any of the Stila eyeshadows? What do you think of them?

Much Love


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