Pros & Cons: Makeup Removing With Coconut Oil!

Coconut oil is something that every kind of blogger has been banging on about for the last god knows how many months! Whether its to cook with, put on your hair or even your face, everyone seems to be loving it! So, when I received a good sized tub in my #NottsAlzheimersMeetup Goodie Bag, I decided to put it to the test and see how it handled removing my makeup as a replacement of my balm cleansers that I love so much! I’ve been using this for a few weeks now and I thought I’d share my results with you!

Firstly, lets talk about the price of Coconut Oil compared to a typical balm cleanser. Now my favourite ever cleanser is the Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Balm which is £10 for 76g and I managed to find some coconut oil at £2.57 for 110g so there is a significant difference in the pricing. I think this is because it isn’t actually branded as a skincare product and there are no extra ingredients and the packaging tends to be quite minimal, all leading to a lower price. Nevertheless, for a multi-use product, it’s a really good price!

So what are the pro’s of using coconut oil as a makeup remover:

  • Smells delicious
  • No added chemicals, fragrances, parabens etc
  • Very moisturising
  • Easy to get hold of
  • Cheap
  • Dissolves most makeup with ease

And the cons:

  • Very oily/greasy feeling
  • Can leave a bit of a residue
  • Makeup sticks to face cloths much more than usual and they don’t wash as well
  • Literally annihilates gel nails!!
  • Struggles with waterproof or more resilient products e.g They’re Real Mascara!

For me, i’ve quite enjoyed using it as a change but I don’t think I could make the change permanently. It does feel cheaper and less spa like which for me is a real downside, however it does do the job pretty well and with minimal effort which is always a plus! However, I always have gel nails done and the oil literally destroys them! I’m talking lifting, peeling, breakage etc! I’ll end up making up the difference in cost between the products with the repairs on my nails!! If you are on a budget of want something completely natural though, then I completely recommend using this. It is such a good multi-use product and does get the job done, but for me, it will take a lot to convert me from my beloved cleansing balm!

Have you tried coconut oil? What are your favourite uses for it?

Much Love


4 thoughts on “Pros & Cons: Makeup Removing With Coconut Oil!

  1. I used Coconut Oil as a makeup remover first when I ran out of Micellar water. I loved it! It was so easy, cheap and quick! However after a couple weeks I started to break out really heavily on my face and during this time I was totally unaware of what it was! No matter how clean i ate, how much water i drank I could not get rid of it 😦 But then when someone maybe suggested it was the Coconut Oil i was like ‘no way, this stuff is the best!’ But behold, I stopped using it and my skin started clearing up within the week hahahah I think its maybe too rich to use on your face all the time, Maybe once every now and again, or even just using on the eyes I find is good as it is a lot more gentle and nourishing than other products! So now I’m back to my micellar water and my skin is a lot less inflamed and red yay! Sorry for the massive paragraph hahaha I just thought I’d tell you my story with it!

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  2. I adore coconut oil! I’ve never tired it as a makeup remover though! I only tend to use it when my skins in desperate need of moisture, as otherwise it leaves it feeling far too oily, which I aim to avoid.
    Loved reading your post!

    Bronagh xo

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