Songs I Keep Replaying On Spotify!

Now music is not something I have really mentioned here on the blog but you may notice that I update my ‘Song of the moment’ feature in the sidebar when I get round to finding something on soundcloud that really takes my fancy. However, recently I’ve been listing to music constantly and I thought I’d share my favourites with you today in case any of you are dance/house/pop lovers! I am quite open to all music categories (although i’m not an indie/indie-rock fan) but those three are definitely my favourites! So here’s a little list of the songs I can’t stop replaying:

  • Alarm – Anne-Marie – The most catchy of all of them and I absolutely love love love her voice! I think she is so cool and the acoustic version of this is just as incredible!
  • Side To Side – Ariana Grande – I am such an Ariana fan as I think she is just so cute and I love her style. She also releases some of the catchiest songs ever and this one just has a real summer vibe and I’m not ready to let summer go!
  • Rumour Mill – Rudimental, Anne-Marie & Will Heard – Tom introduced me to this ages and ages ago and I fell in love with it instantly! Its got a really good house vibe and I keep finding myself leaning towards it when I open my spotify account!
  • The Greatest – Sia – Now I am such a Sia fan, I feel like she has a great mix between something that makes you wanna dance yet also sing along. This is no different and it was love at first listen!
  • Faded – Alan Walker – A YouTuber favourite for background music, this is so so catchy! It makes you want to dance and is just a song you can’t listen to once!
  • False Alarm – Becky Hill & Matoma – I have been a Becky Hill fan for a really long time as I think her voice is just so soulful, so when I heard this as Radio 1’s track of the day I was seriously impressed. This is so summery and is guaranteed to make you want to listen again!
  • Piece of Me – Becky Hill – Two by the same artist, what was I thinking! But I couldn’t help include this one too! It’s not a new song particularly but is such a good’un! Really upbeat and has such a great beat that you are bound to want to dance/sing/make a fool of yourself!
  • Sledgehammer – Rihanna – I have always loved Rihanna, particularly the slower songs and as soon as I heard this on the movie trailer at the cinema I wanted to listen to the full thing. I am one of those people that finds a way to incorporate singing song lyrics into everyday conversation and surprisingly I manage to use this one frequently! That’s a winner in my books!
  • Dancing On My Own – Calum Scott – Now I loved the original version of this song by Robyn, many many moons ago but when I heard this slower version my love just doubled! This has been one of my favourites ever since it came out and I still haven’t got bored of it. I don’t like the remix as much but this is just beautiful!
  • Up & Up – Coldplay – I could listen to Coldplay all day everyday and since I went to see them live in June, this has been my most played song. It was the one they ended the concert on and just brings back all those memories of such an amazing night and I’m not ready to let them go just yet so this one is staying!!

I could carry this list on for a while as I have so many suggestions for you all! If you’d like to see another post like this then let me know as I discover new songs all the time! Now I know the majority of these are very mainstream but that’s me! I was ridiculed for being too ‘mainstream’ with my music taste at school, but now I just embrace it! What are your favourite songs at the moment?

Much Love


3 thoughts on “Songs I Keep Replaying On Spotify!

  1. Ooh! What a great selection of music. I am a massive user of Spotify. I cannot imagine life without it – what a life saver! Anyway. I’ve been meaning to look for more new songs to listen to. I think this list is a fantastic start to that, yes? Thanks! Nice post!

    P.S. In one of my earlier blog posts, I mentioned my intention of visiting every blog that follows me and leaving a little comment love as a small expression of my gratitude. Having said that, I personally want to thank you for being a part of my readership. You are incredibly wonderful, and your support means more to me than you realize! 😊💕

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