FOTD: I Do My Cousin’s Makeup!

The other week I had a few days off blogging and disappeared up north for some family time! Whilst I was there I got to see my younger cousin Lily before she headed off to uni for the first time! She’s asked me for ages if she could make her ‘debut’ on the blog and of course I had to agree so we spent literally 2 hours giving each other makeovers. It was so fun and girly and Lily shared a few of her tips and tricks with me too. Today’s post will show you the makeup I did on Lily and I will write another post on the makeup Lily did for me. I went quite neutral, Lily went quite daring!IMG_1785_Fotor.jpg

Lily has beautifully clear skin so I decided to keep it nice and light for her. I primed her skin with the NYX Primer Spray  and used her Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation mixed with the Benefit Dew The Hoola to create a suitable colour base as she has just come back from her holiday! Now this is a really light coverage base so it allowed her natural skin to show through too! For a natural highlight rather than a glow, I used LA Girl Pro Conceal in Porcelain under her eyes and down the high points of her face. I didn’t use any powder to set this as her skin can get quite dry. I obviously used Benefit Hoola to bronze up her face and I also used MAC Crisp Whites for blush and Becca Opal for her highlight!

Looking through Lily’s makeup bag I was so pleased to see that she also uses Benefit Ka Brow to do her eyebrows! She uses one shade darker than me though, in shade 3, so I popped that through her brows to fill them in and give them a bit of a shape! I also ran my High Brow Glow pencil along her brow bone for some added glow!

For her eyes I kept it quite subtle and neutral in tone. I picked the warm brown and shimmer shades from the Vice Reloaded palette and some matte shades for the crease from the Stila Mind Palette. I used my new Morphe Brushes to do the blending and it created such a soft smoky look! I was really really pleased with it. We used Lily’s Chanel mascara for her lashes and then to finish the look off we used Charlotte Tilbury Stoned Rose on her lips which is a lovely dusky rose shade that almost looks a bit grungy too (think Kate Moss!). Here’s a close up of the eye makeup:


I was so happy with how it turned out and I can’t wait to do more makeup looks on Lily in the future. We have done a few before but I have never blogged about them so I will have to make sure I make a note of them in the future for more features! Make sure you keep a look out for Lily’s makeup look on me, let me tell you this it features a hell of a lot of blue!

Much Love


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