Brands I’d Like To Try!

Being the mad raving beauty addict that I am, there are not many brands that I haven’t tried. However, when I was contacted by a company working on behalf of Lime Crime*, I realised that there were perhaps more than I originally thought. I have narrowed it down to 5 brands I would like to try and at least one specific product that lures me in!

  1. Makeup Geek – It’s the Makeup Geek shadows that really draw me in. Many a time have I created a palette on BeautyBay and I’ve always convinced myself I don’t need another palette. However, shades such as Dirty Martini, Cocoa Bear and Peach Smoothie really draw me in and I’m sure it won’t be long before I cave!
  2. Lime Crime – Lime Crime are a brand that I’ve heard loads about over the years but I’ve never actually tried. Their Velvetines have been a blogger favourite for years and, after looking into the brand further, I discovered their Venus palette which is like something dreams are made from! Think all warm red-toned shades that would just make the most dreamy looks ever. It’s definitely high up on the palette want list now!
  3. Tom Ford – The most luxurious brand there seems to be on the market, Tom Ford oozes quality and designer style. For me, it’s their eye shadow quads and their lipsticks that appeal the most. Everything from the packaging to the colours and texture draws me in and makes me want to spend my hard earned cash! Sadly it involves parting with a lot of hard earned cash and as a student, it’s a little out of my reach at the moment.
  4. Anastasia Beverly Hills – I know they are most famous for their brow products but it’s their other products that I like the look of the most. The new glow kits, liquid lipsticks and eye shadow palettes look like some of the most gorgeous products that I am just itching to get my hands on them. If I was to pinpoint one product it would have to be the Modern Renaissance palette as that is just full of very ‘me’ colours.
  5. Kat Von D – Now finally available in the UK, Kat Von D has now become more accessible to us British Beauty Lovers and I for one couldn’t be happier! Her foundation is so well talked about that I am really keen to try it and her liquid lipstick in Lolita really appealed to me when I was in the states. I’m definitely going to be hitting Debenhams with some birthday money to try some of her products out!

On reflection, it was very very easy to conjure up five brands that I want to try and I could probably go on further if I thought for a bit longer. Even now I’m thinking of Colorpop and Juvias Place so the list is probably pretty endless! What brands are you keen to try? Have you tried anything from the brands I’ve mentioned above? Please leave me any tried and tested suggestions in the comments as I am eager to try some more brands!

Much Love


*This post is very kindly sponsored by Lime Crime.

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