My Favourite Tanning Product Ever?

I’m back from holiday and suitably sad that summer is now officially over! Despite the fact I love Autumn and my birthday is just over a week away the end of summer is always a bit or a horrible marker as it just feels so long until the next spell of summer happiness is cast! After eight days in beautiful 29 degree heat it’s safe to say the Midlands is a bit of a lack lustre place to be right now. The one plus side is that for once I am really nice and tanned and I put it down to the help of one product which is now being bought for every single holiday I ever go on and that is the Clarin’s Self Tanning After Sun.img_1828_fotor

If you remember my Spa Haul post you’ll know that I picked this up then to take on holiday. Of course I forgot to pack it so a quick dash through Duty Free lead to me purchasing another bottle with the aim to get brown or spend a lot of cash on tanning products trying. This lotion claims to enhance a tan and keep your skin moisturised to avoid any flaky or peeling skin or that horrible stiff dry feeling you can sometimes get. It is aimed at lighter skin tones, I presume this is because it’s only meant to enhance a tan rather than be an all out self tanner. It retails for £21 but I picked it up for £17.50 at the airport. Score!

I applied this nearly every night of my holiday and a full 150ml of lotion lasted a weeks worth of entire body applications so I thought that was pretty good actually! It’s a nice light lotion that doesn’t feel sticky or heavy and soaks in at a nice speed so you feel like it’s done something but isn’t lingering! In the bottle this has quite a nice scent but in truth, after a while it has that standard fake tan ‘biscuit’ smell, albeit much less pungent than normal tan. But for me that really is the only downside. My skin is so soft and there is not one skin peel in sight whereas normally my shoulders start to go before I even get on the plane home! I also get really dry flakey shins (Ewww) but nope none of that either, they look beautifully smooth and even!

In terms of the tan it gives I honestly couldn’t be happier! It’s a lovely golden shade that looks so natural and did what it said on the tube and enhanced the tan I was already getting. Apparently one of the herbal ingredients used enhances a tan and whether that’s true or not, it really worked on my skin. I had no problem with build up around my knees or elbows but I do feel you need to be careful ever so slightly around your wrists and shins and give it a little extra scrub the next day if you do think it’s built up slightly. By no means was it obvious though, that was under intense scrutiny from me to come up with a review!

Overall I am so happy with this product and it will definitely be my holy grail after sun for the foreseeable future. My tan looks glowing and natural and my skin feels healthy, soft and smooth. What more could I want?! If you are off for some late summer sun then I would definitely recommend picking this up. You won’t regret it!

Much Love


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