Summer Recap 2016!

It’s nearly October so I’ve got to face the fact that summer is over. But I thought I’d send it off in style by recapping all the things I’ve done this summer. It’s been a good one for me in many different ways so I thought I’d put together a small post as a nice reflection of what I’ve done!

Exploring Italy!13422316_10209857668548508_2247247816101997224_o

In early June Tom and I headed off for a little Italian adventure. You can read all about the trip in detail here, but in summary it was a gorgeous mix of sun, sightseeing and ermm… pizza! We visited Pisa, Florence and Milan and got up to some amazing things and saw some beautiful places. Italy truly does hold a special place in my heart so I can’t wait to go back.


I had one of my biggest career progressions to date this summer when I interned with the infamous accounting firm PwC. I spent six weeks working with them, learning more about what is involved in working in the financial services industry. I loved the office I worked in and everyone I met was so welcoming and friendly. I am also pleased to say that I have since been offered a job and will be commencing a full time position next September (once I’ve graduated) as a Tax Associate. I honestly couldn’t be happier and it takes off some of the pressure for my final year at uni!

Discussing the EU!IMG_1718

In August I headed off with ACCA to Brussels for my prize trip to the EU Parliament. It was such an interesting trip and I learnt so much more than I expected to. I wrote a whole post here about my new found love for the city and it’s definitely a place I will return to one day. I even had my first ever trip on the Eurostar and met some incredibly inspiring men and women during the few days too.

Relaxing in Tenerife!IMG_1858.JPG

Tom and I have just got back from 8 lovely days in Tenerife where we did nothing but soak up the sun and swim in the pool and the sea. I’m going to do a post on how lovely the whole trip was and some good places to eat if you are in the area but it was simply pure relaxation! I could go back tomorrow in a heartbeat and the fact that I read 6 books in 8 days surely shows that life really was a beach whilst I was there!

The Extra Little Bits of Goodness!

Obviously I can’t keep mentioning too much as the list will go on forever but here are a few other fabulous things this summer had to offer me:

I could probably keep going for a lot longer but I plan to do a pretty epic post of a similar style to celebrate new year so I might hold a few ideas back for that and perhaps go into some in more detail. I hope you like the idea of this post as I was really keen to reflect on how lucky I’ve been to have such great experiences this summer. I hope you all have too and here’s to summer 2017 being even bigger and better than ever!

Much Love


3 thoughts on “Summer Recap 2016!

  1. Oh wow!! You really have had a fun filled, amazing summer! Congratulations on your 4 year anniversary. My partner and I made it to 5 years on September 4th haha. Well done to JJ too for the dog show successes, what a beauty.
    I hope your year continues to be as full and bright 🙂

    Danielle xo

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