Review: Makeup Obsession Customisable Palettes!

So I spotted a couple of amazing looking palettes on Instagram recently and decided to track down where they were from! To my surprise, they were from a new budget makeup brand in Boots called Makeup Obsession and I decided for the money it was time to see if they were up to much! Here’s how I got on!

Makeup Obsession are incredibly reasonable and offer you the chance to customise your own eyeshadow/blush/bronzer/highlight palettes. Each of the individual eyeshadows only costs £2 and the palettes themselves range from £4-£8 dependent on which finish you opt for and also the amount of pans it holds! I picked the matte black palette which holds six shades, this only cost £6. I wanted to create a warm toned, predominantly matte, palette to see me into autumn so I managed to find six shades that fit the bill perfectly! I chose:

  • Cinnamon – Light peachy matte brown. A great transition shade!
  • Alba – A matte mid tone brown
  • Copper – Very similar to Alba but has a lot stronger red undertones
  • Rare – A lovely deep red shimmer
  • Cosmo – A copper shimmer shade
  • Burnt – A brick red matte shade. Definitely my favourite!
Top row L-R: Cinnamon, Alba, Copper! Bottom row L-R: Rare, Cosmo, Burnt!

When I was shopping it was £5 off a £15 spend so this palette only cost me £13 in total which I think is a complete bargain! Each shadow weighs 2g which is 0.5g more than MAC shadows for reference! I also like the fact that the pan sizes are huge which means that you could easily use these as face powders too if you find a multipurpose shade!

The pigmentation and blendability of these shadows is actually pretty incredible for the price! I had no problem smoking the shades out and blending them seamlessly! They feel very soft to the touch but thankfully they don’t have much fall out! I’ll insert swatches below to show you just how pigmented they are:

Top – Bottom: Burnt, Cosmo, Rare, Copper Alba Cinnamon

Overall I am really really please I picked these up. I think they are fantastic value for money and the pigmentation is up there with the likes of much more expensive brands! I love how fun it is to customise a palette and I’ve seen some other more out there shades that I’m definitely intrigued by! I feel like for a budget brand it has a very luxe feel and would highly recommend checking them out next time you’re in Boots! I’ll insert a picture below of a look I created using these shades:


Much Love


P.s I’m hoping posting will still be regular, however I’m finding that going back to uni has made me way busier than I ever remembered!!

10 thoughts on “Review: Makeup Obsession Customisable Palettes!

  1. i LOVE Cosmo, i have never even heard of makeup obsession, is that bad?! haha. but i do love the more copper bronze shades, so cosmo looks amazing xx

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