Worth The Hype? – Too Faced Born This Way Foundation!

I’ve been wanting to try the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation for quite a while now as I’ve seen so many of my favourite bloggers rave about it! I also liked that the colours appeared to come up a tad yellow toned which is great as I have a seriously yellow undertone to my skin! So when I got a £15 Debenhams voucher for my birthday, I just threw caution to the wind and bought it! I wanted to test it out before I gave you a review so here we are, just over a week later and I have a lot to talk about!

Price & Packaging:

This foundation retails for £29 which I don’t think is that bad for a high end foundation. You get the standard 30ml that is now recognised as the go-to foundation size so you’re not missing out on anything there! The packaging is actually something I really really love about this product! It has a lovely frosted glass packaging that feels really high end; it comes with a pump which is always a necessity and it has a lovely black and gold top that makes the packaging tie in nicely. I think this is subtle yet packs a punch as it looks very classy!

Colour Selection:

There are 18 different shades of this product available on Debenhams website which I think is pretty damn impressive! They have some seriously light shades like ‘Snow’ & ‘Pearl’ and also some lovely deeper tones like ‘Mahogany’ & ‘Chestnut’ for beautiful darker skinned ladies. I do think they’ve covered most bases and Too Faced’s website actually helps you pick a shade relevant to the shade of your skin and also the undertones which is super handy! I like to think i’m pretty good at guessing my correct shade by now so I took the plunge and took the one I thought was the right shade home with me that day without even trying it on. Risky I know, but a random shop assistant was talking to me like I had no idea about makeup and that made me more determined to pick the shade I thought I would be not her suggestion. I’m happy to say (and rather smug) that my shade ‘Ivory’ is absolutely perfect and perhaps one of the best matches I own. *Dances with middle fingers in the air*.

Coverage & Formula:

I would definitely say that this has some good coverage and would say it is a medium-full coverage. It’s nowhere near as heavy as the Estee Lauder double wear range but does cover pretty much everything in just one pump. Yes you heard me right, ONE pump! I find that this has some serious lasting power too and throughout the day the coverage was pretty even and didn’t fade or grow patchy which is the perfect outcome! I loved the feel of the formula on my skin, despite the impressive coverage, the formula felt really light on the skin and never felt cakey or heavy. It blends in beautifully with either a beauty blender or a brush and doesn’t look streaky at all.

Overall I am so happy with this foundation! The shade match, the formula, the lasting power all just scream perfection to me and I can see myself using this for the foreseeable future as it makes my skin look flawless yet still looks natural! Have you tried this foundation? If so what did you think of it?

Much Love



11 thoughts on “Worth The Hype? – Too Faced Born This Way Foundation!

  1. Great job selecting your correct shade without trying it on! It is risky and I’ve chosen wrong more often than I care to admit!
    I have the corresponding concealer to this and it’s quite nice. I like that it looks natural and the colour offering is impressive. I should get a sample of the foundation from Sephora.

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  2. I actually got a sample of this a few days ago and so far i’m 50/50 on it. On one hand I like it because it’s got great staying power and feels hydrating on the skin, but on the other hand I find it’s very orange based and doesn’t work into my skin very well. Will keep trying this and hopefully i’ll be able to find a combination that works! Great review!
    Holly x | https://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/chronicles-holly-13610625

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    1. See my skins quite yellow toned so the colour match is good but I can imagine if your skin is more pink toned a match might be harder! Have you tried using a beauty blender? I find it blends in beautifully with that! Xx


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