Worth The Hype? – Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation!

So I did a poll on Twitter last week about which post you guys wanted to see first and the new Urban Decay foundation review was the winner by a reasonable amount! So today i’m bringing to you the review and letting you know whether I think it’s worth the hype or not! I picked this up a few weeks ago when I had a makeover at the House of Fraser counter in Nottingham. I’d had my eye on it for a while and after she’d applied it to my face, I decided to take the plunge!

This foundation is the latest base release from Urban Decay and since i’m a lover of their All Nighter Setting spray, the thought of adding extra longevity to my base through my foundation really excited me! This product retails for £27 so it’s up there with the high end foundations but is a tiny bit cheaper than say the Too Faced Born This Way, Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua or even the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation, all of which are some of my favourites (reviews are linked if you’re interested). You get the standard 30ml for this price and all in all I think Urban Decay have priced this well!

In terms of colour selection then you couldn’t really ask for more, there are 24 different shades for you to choose from with shades ending in .5 having more of a pink undertone than the .0 shades which have more of a yellow undertone. They really have made it pretty simple for you to pick a shade! The sales assistant did tell me that this foundation has a tendency to oxidise on the face and suggests you go for a shade lighter than you would normally wear as it ‘warms up’ to your skin tone. She matched me to the shade 1.0 (the second lightest of the bunch) and oh my god, this stuff is white! It’s kind of misleading as throughout the entire application process i’m determined this is too light, but once my entire makeup is finished and I look in the mirror, it’s actually a pretty good match for my skin! Clearly she knows her stuff. I would be intrigued to try 2.0 though to see how I feel that matches as something in me still wants to believe this is too light.

The packaging of a foundation is always something that draws me in and Urban Decay have really pulled it out of the bag with this one! It almost looks like a metal cage around the foundation and features a longer, slimmer bottle than regular foundations. The gun metal grey metallic packaging just calls to me on so many levels! Thankfully, it also comes with a pump so there’s none of that tapping it on the back of your hand stuff going on here!

So, so far it’s sounding pretty good right? It’s ticking every single box I would ever want it to tick, but then we come to the formulation. When you pump this out, it’s just a standard foundation thickness, not watery but also not gloopy either and a little does go a long way which is great. I found one pump is pretty sufficient or two maximum if I want a slightly heavier coverage. Again, this is all sounding good, however this clings to every fine line, hair, pore, dry patch, you name it, it clings to it! I have combination skin and don’t usually find foundation clinging is a problem as I moisturise and exfoliate regularly, but this is the worst offender for clinging that I think I’ve ever tried! I find that rather than blending with my skin, it sits on top of it so it looks a little cakey and like it’s not quite sitting right. I wondered whether this would dissipate during the day once the product warmed to my skin, however this dry looking appearance is maintained right until you take the product off! I have tried everything, applying with a beauty blender, applying with a brush, using a hydrating primer, setting with the all nighter setting spray but nothing is seeming to work which is such a huge shame! It’s so bad that I’m debating on whether to try and take it back or not but I love the girls at that counter so I don’t want to look stroppy!

Sadly, this product is a resounding fail for me personally. I’ve read so many reviews of people who love it and it makes me so sad that this is just working terribly on my skin. I don’t classify myself as having problematic skin so I would imagine there are a few people who will encounter this problem too. Have you tried this foundation? Did it work for you? If so, what skin type do you have?

Much Love


P.s just to end this post on a lovely light note, here’s what I have to contend with when taking blog photos, it may also explain the loose hairs that sometimes photobomb my pictures!!:dscf9671dscf9673dscf9674

19 thoughts on “Worth The Hype? – Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation!

  1. Aww hey JJ! I’ve still only used mine one or two times – I’m determined to finish up another foundation before I move onto it. I do like it but have only worn it for a short amount of time so haven’t had chance to judge properly, it’s thinner than I was expecting – I think I needed one shade up for now, but I think now all the summer colour is draining from my cheeks it’ll be the perfect shade for over the winter.
    I get what you mean of it feeling like it’s sitting on your skin though, for me it doesn’t look cakey, and it doesn’t feel thick, but I do kinda feel like I know I’m wearing it. It’s an odd one! xx


    1. He’s a little menace lol! Yeah it’s just no where near as good as I was expecting. My next attempt is to put a drop of facial oil in with it as apparently that helps with foundations? Don’t know whether you’ve tried that? I’ll keep you posted! How are your doggies doing? Xx

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      1. Since the clocks have gone back they’ve basically turned insane. I don’t know what’s got into them but this week they’ve been absolutely hell ha!
        I haven’t really tried it at all yet, I put it on for about an Hour when it first arrived and wore it for an evening, other than that I’ve not had chance with it! I think by next week it’ll be the one I’m reaching for as I’m nearly out of my ex-1 foundation

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  2. That sucks that it never worked out for you! I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews on this one and a lot of mention of the shades being rather unfortunate too! The idea of the foundation sounds so lovely too but ah well there is better out there!
    P.S, your dog is super cute!

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  3. I’ve read so many raves for this too! It’s so good to read differing perspectives. I’d hate the clinging properties you mention – I like my foundations to melt into my skin and look invisible. Sounds like tried it with various priming / finishing products too. Too bad.

    Haha those photobomb pics are awesome.

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  4. I was thinking of trying this but I have combination skin too so will probably try and stay clear – the search for the perfect foundation continues. Have you tried the Nars Lumious one? I haven’t but was thinking of it x

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      1. Ahh thanks! Maybe I’ll give that a go! I’m pretty happy with the Bobbi Brown one I have but am just looking for something different! You never know if there’s a better one out there! x


  5. I never tried this particular foundation but went on a quasi-hunt for a good liquid. I haven’t been super impressed with the ones I’ve tried- they’re ok but not worth the price! When everyone seems like to like it but me I always wonder if I’m being super picky lol. Great review- love the dog pics 😀

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  6. True, sometimes there are some are highly rated for a good reason! I found one I think I really like but it’s not a liquid! It’s actually maybelline “Even Better” powder foundation. I’ll give it another week and review on the blog. I kinda liked tarte’s amazonian clay but not sure if enough to buy it. I tried a sample

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  7. It’s nice that it comes in so many shades and the one you purchased was a decent match! Sorry to hear that the formula didn’t work for you and if you really don’t enjoy it you shouldn’t feel bad if you decide to return it x

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  8. Oh no! I’ve read such great reviews on this lately I’ve been dying to try it but this has put me off completely! i hate it when foundation does that to my skin. Great review though and your dog is adorable, those photos awwww!

    Ellie x


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